Top Benefits of Call Tracking for the Travel and Hotel Industry

Top Benefits of Call Tracking for the Travel and Hotel Industry

The travel and hotel industry is ever-changing with technology. And when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, you can no longer only focus on getting leads online. Over 43% of search related conversions are from calls, and if you don’t want to miss out on more potential business, you need to invest in call-tracking software. With a reliable call tracking solution, you can store and keep track of data, information, and calls, automatically.

A call tracking software solution is just what you need today in a business that caters to the global economy. It’s sure to make managing your business easier, and more efficient.

Help Improve Your Marketing Strategies

Gone are the days where businesses have to guess which marketing campaigns will work best.. By using call tracking software, hotel and travel industries no longer have to play the guessing game.

Now, they have real-time access to the information that shows where the majority of their customers are coming from. By using this true data, they’ll be more equipped to make better and effective business decisions.

Measure the effectiveness of web content

Call tracking software can give you quantitative data which will enable you to prove whether or not a particular piece of web content is bringing in results. This will give you a benchmark on which you can base more of your web content, and remove that which does not attract customers.

Collect and analyze valuable information

Valuable information in this context refers to trends and behaviors that the general audience is following and engaged in. By getting a good grasp on your target consumer,, you can discover how to attract the most clients. You get to know where your callers are from, and what their interests are.

You can use dynamic number insertion to track each call individually, so that you won’t lose out on tracking anything of importance. You could also give a local phone number to your customers, so that they feel as if they’re calling somewhere close to home, offering a more personalized touch. For a travel business, that can often be the deal breaker.

Enable you to compare advertising channels

By using call tracking software, you can easily find out which type of advertising channels are effective, and which aren’t. It will also give you a general idea of where your clientele normally reside, so that you can change and tweak your marketing strategies to fulfill certain demographics.

In the long run, this has the potential to save your business a whole lot of money. In turn, that money can be spent somewhere else that benefits more and opens a new stream of revenue.

Properly assess your staff

Call tracking gives you the ability to record entire conversations, so that companies in the travel and hotel industry can better assess the staff responsible for dealing with customer service.

However, the customer should be aware that the call is being recorded, especially if the local law dictates that two-way recordings are legal, only.

By assessing your staff, you can equip them with the skills and tools necessary to help them reach unprecedented heights!

Improve customer experience

The automatic call recording feature means that all conversations are recorded individually. It gives you the chance to monitor conversations to understand customer pain points, and helps you learn how to help solve customer queries faster and more efficiently.

Because the staff will know that they are being recorded and meticulously kept track of, they will have an incentive to perform better. Effectively, this translates to better customer service!

Determine peak hours of operation

Since all the information is tracked, you can have a general idea of when the peak hours for commerce are. This will give you a lead on when to anticipate a particular stream of clients.

With these insights you can make important decisions beforehand, so that when peak hours come, your business can operate without any halt or falter.

No matter what your business plans are, you need call tracking software if you are in the travel or hotel industry. Have you jumped on the call tracking train yet??