Top Destinations for Travelers to Cover on Planning for a US Trip

Top Destinations for Travelers to Cover on Planning for a US Trip

The USA is one of the traveler’s best destinations, which features many tourist places, historical destinations, monuments, theme parks, sporting events, and what not.

There are a lot of tourist destinations in the United States which are counted as travelers’ paradise. In this article, we will discuss a few placed in the country which has witnessed a huge increase in the number of tourists visiting these places.

Top tourist destinations to explore in the United States

1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an ideal destination for the fun lovers. This place is known for the number of nightclubs and Casinos here. There are many good tourist places too in and around the city for travelers to visit. There are many branded clubs functioning here as Haze, Ghostbar, Surrender, Moon and Playboy, Krave, etc. to name a few. Las Vegas is also known for adult fun and the topless shows.

2. Hawaii

Know as the beach city, Hawaii is well known for the beaches and natural beauty of those. Nature lovers will find this place very exhilarating and awe-inspiring. Hawaii is also one of the world’s favorite honeymoon spot. There are a lot of hotels here so the travelers may not find it difficult to get a place for desirable accommodation.

3. New York

Considered as the loveliest state of the United States, New York is well known for its historical significance and architectural marvel. For campers, ranch camping or camping in the woods may be an inspiring experience, but you must have the stuff for your outdoor needs. You may also explore many activities like horseback riding or island fishing etc. in New York. The Center of Arts, Stamford Art Center, Historical Aircraft Group, Aaron Davis Hall, etc. are also located at New York.

For horse racing enthusiasts, the best time to visit New York is the first Saturday of June to witness the final leg of the Belmont Stakes Triple Crown. Belmont Stakes is now the oldest among Triple Crown Races, which dates back to the year 1867. You may explore the details and history of this race at TVG website and make the booking of tickets well in advance if you like to witness it.

4. Texas

The special attractions of Texas as the second biggest state in the United States are countless. Any random place you choose to visit as Riverwalk Burnet, Stonehenge Odessa, Old Stone Fort Museum, XIT Museum, Glass Cactus, HOUSTON Raceway Park has a lot to offer to be remembered for a lifetime.

5. Virginia

 Virginia is called as the destination for lovers. The major attractions Virginia but not limited to the shiny beaches at the Assateague Island, which are so gentle for people of all ages to enjoy. Other most popular destinations are Shenandoah National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway etc.


For those who travel with family, Atlanta Georgia is a wonderful place to explore family fun at best. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of this land with plenty of mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and canyons. You can beat the Six Flags Over Georgia, now counted as the largest theme park in the South East region. Some other places to explore include the Callaway gardens, Lake Lanier Islands, Atlanta Museum, Blue Ridge Scenic Gateway, etc.

In fact, the USA is a very vast country and what mentioned above are only a very few major destinations to include in your travel plan. Visitors to the United States of America are requested to take your time and consideration to explore the endless options this land offers and do a very careful consideration of destinations to best match to your tastes, interests, and course budget.


An excursion at Yosemite National Park is tied in with reconnecting with nature. Spend your visit looking at well-known tourist spots like Half Dome and Glacier Point or climbing Cathedral Lakes, Mist Trail, and other famous ways. In case you’re not one for outdoors, settle on a multi-day trip from San Francisco, Sacramento or Lake Tahoe.

The best occasions to visit Yosemite are May and September when the recreation center is available yet not very swarmed. It’s essential to realize that numerous streets and trails in Yosemite are shut for most of the year because of snow. Snow can come as right on time as October and touches base in full power in November, normally staying until March. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that the snowstorms stop in March doesn’t really mean shut parts of the recreation center abruptly swing their entryways open.

8. Washington, D.C.

The country’s capital has a ton making it work. Notable tourist spots, for example, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, enable you to tour for a considerable length of time.

Summer in D.C. is hot and sticky, making not exactly perfect conditions for investigating nature. All things considered, numerous historical centers impact cooling, so in the event that you can stand the warmth, you’ll discover a lot of free attractions to keep you engaged. Winter is unquestionably low season. Despite the fact that the opportunity to discover bring down in rates is high and the climate is mellowly contrasted with different goals along the East Coast, the city is inclined to solidifying cool temperatures and snowstorms.