Understanding consumers from Procter & Gamble

That did not come up big companies to “closer” bind consumers to the brand! An example of a company that always tries to use the most advanced technology to promote their products is the concern Procter & Gamble (P&G).

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P&G has launched an unusual project as part of its online advertising campaign blokovoe portal Saree.som. On the forums, as marketers P&G, visitor aged 18 to 49 years will be able to share their thoughts on various issues – discussion of the problems of weight loss, career, pregnancy, stories from the series “How I spent…” and the like, writes with links to Business Week and Assosiated Press.

“It’s not made for sale of our products. We did this in order to better understand our consumers and learn more about their needs and habits,” said on this occasion, the press Secretary of the P&G Robyn Schroeder. “Because the more we learn about our customers, the more opportunities we have to create exactly those goods they need”. Well, it is logical mission…

“With women whose stories will be recognized as the most interesting and touching in the future can contact the representatives of the concern in order to remove their stories on video for use in advertising,” notes Schroeder.

As you know, P&G first began to sponsor radio shows and TV series. The company is now actively promoting its products in the Network. In particular opened the website Home Made Simple, which contains various tips on housekeeping, working site People’s Choice awards – it is offered to take part in various polls – to choose the best actor, singer, persona series, etc. the concern Also sponsoring pages on the portal blogowogo MySpace, where there is a discussion of its products.

Experts are not surprised with the direction in which it moves P&G in the field of Internet advertising.

“P&G is one of those companies who first discovered that the use of traditional marketing tools fail to give results, and who are now trying to find new ways to appeal to its customers,” says Roland Rust (Roland Rust), head of Department of marketing, University of Maryland (University of Maryland). According to him, today, marketing is becoming more interactive and P&G is well aware.

President ZiZo Robert Fishman (Roger Fishman), in turn, says: “Capessa is a good indication of how companies are changing their approaches to marketing in order to meet the changes that occur in consumer behaviour. Such sites allow the company to listen and consider the views of consumers and communicate with them in real time.”