Was De La Hoya robbed vs Trinidad?

Was De La Hoya robbed vs Trinidad?

The “Oscar was robbed” drumbeat has grown steadily louder as the years have passed, but in the moment, opinions were mixed and few felt much sympathy for De La Hoya after he spent the final three — some would say the final four — rounds dancing away from danger.

Who is Angelique McQueen?

McQueen, 32, is the former wife of Audie Desbrow, the former drummer of the heavy-metal band Great White, police said. Desbrow was not in the band in February, when a fire at a Great White concert in Rhode Island killed 100 people.

Is De La Hoya still married?

Sonders recently ended her relationship with Dave Oancea, also known as ‘Vegas Dave’ after their engagement in 2019. She rebranded herself after she ended things with Oancea. De La Hoya got married to Millie Corretjer in 2001. The couple was together for a decade before they officially split up in 2016.

Why did De La Hoya and Canelo split?

Alvarez and Golden Boy Promotions officially parted ways in November after Alvarez’s lawsuit for breach of contract against Golden Boy and streaming service DAZN was settled.

Was De La Hoya robbed vs Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats Oscar De La Hoya by split decision (113-115, 116-112, 115-113)….Result.

Judge Score Boxer
Jerry Roth 115-113 Mayweather

Did De La Hoya beat Trinidad?

Trinidad won via majority decision. Félix Trinidad vs. Oscar De La Hoya, billed as The Fight of the Millennium, was a boxing match held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on the Las Vegas Strip on September 18, 1999, to unify the WBC and IBF’s world Welterweight championships.

Who is Oscar De La Hoya baby mother?

On October 5, 2001, De La Hoya married Millie Corretjer. They have three children together: a son, Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya (born December 29, 2005) and two daughters, Nina Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya (born December 29, 2007) and Victoria Lauren Rose De La Hoya (born January 14, 2014).

Who is Oscar De La Hoya married to now?

Millie Corretjerm. 2001–2018
Oscar De La Hoya/Spouse

What happened to Oscar De La Hoya’s wife?

Milagros Ninette Corretjer Maldonado, known as Millie Corretjer (born April 18, 1974), is a Puerto Rican singer and actress. She was married to retired boxer Oscar De La Hoya. They split in 2016.

Who really won De La Hoya vs Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats Oscar De La Hoya by split decision (113-115, 116-112, 115-113).

Did Mayweather lose to Oscar De La Hoya?

Oscar De La Hoya fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 5, 2007 in Las Vegas, losing a razor-thin split decision.

Who really won the Trinidad De La Hoya fight?

TRINIDAD was named the winner. The announced scores of 115-114, 115-113, and 114-114 that handed him the majority victory were a surprise to many. The Puerto Rican had certainly been aggressive, but his attacks, largely reduced to just one-twos by De La Hoya’s solid defensive work, had been ineffective.