Was Fillmore Cancelled?

Was Fillmore Cancelled?

Unfortunately Disney / ABC cancelled Fillmore after two series, though re-runs may still be seen on Saturday mornings. No DVDs of this important series have been released, but would be well recommended.

Is Fillmore on Disney+?

Fillmore – Disney+ | Start Streaming November 12 | Facebook.

How many episodes of Fillmore are there?

Fillmore!/Number of episodes

What did Penny do to Fillmore?

Role. Penny was known to be former delinquent who aided Fillmore in his rebellious activities during their early days in X Middle School. Eventually, they parted ways as Fillmore became a new Safety Patrol Inspector while Penny becomes a new secretary to Kotter (the son of the Canadian ambassador).

How old is Filmore from Filmore?

Premise. 12-year-old Cornelius Fillmore (voiced by Orlando Brown), a juvenile delinquent with a record, was caught raiding the school’s new chalk shipment.

What channel is Fillmore on?

Toon Disney
American Broadcasting Company

What is coming to Disney plus?

Alvin and The Chipmunks. Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip. Just Roll With It: You Decide Live!

  • Among the Stars. Black Widow. Disney Junior The Chicken Squad: Season 1.
  • Disney Junior Mickey’s Tale Of Two Witches. Muppets Haunted Mansion.
  • Apollo: Back To The Moon: Season 1. Just Beyond.
  • Rookie Of The Year. Thumbelina.
  • How many seasons of Fillmore are there?

    Fillmore!/Number of seasons

    Why did Fillmore break up with Penny?

    Who played Fillmore in Fillmore?

    Premise. Twelve-year-old Cornelius Fillmore (voiced by Orlando Brown), a juvenile delinquent with a record, was caught raiding the school’s new chalk shipment.

    How many episodes are there in the Fillmore cartoon?

    FILLMORE! CARTOON SERIES Disney’s Fillmore! Complete Cartoon Series. All 26 Episodes Uncut/Unedited. Full 2 Seasons. 10/10 Audio/Video Quality!

    Who is the creator of the Fillmore show?

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fillmore! is an American animated television series created by Scott M. Gimple for ABC and, later, Toon Disney.

    What kind of audience was Fillmore aimed at?

    The series was aimed at children, but also skewed an older audience with its ’70s references. It was the final series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation for ABC, before producing shows exclusively with Disney Channel. It is also the final Saturday-morning cartoon.

    Who are the main characters in Fillmore the series?

    1 Cornelius C. 2 Ingrid Third (voiced by Tara Strong ): Fillmore’s goth best friend and partner on the X Middle School Safety Patrol. 3 Horatio Vallejo (voiced by Horatio Sanz ): The Mexican American junior commissioner of the Safety Patrol and Fillmore’s immediate superior.