What are the instructions for dissecting a frog?

What are the instructions for dissecting a frog?

Dissection Instructions. 1. Place the frog in the dissecting pan ventral side up. 2. Use scissors to lift the abdominal muscles away from the body cavity. Cut along the midline of the body to the forelimbs. 3. Make transverse (horizontal) cuts near the arms and legs. 4. Life the flaps of the body wall and pin back.

Which is cheaper to dissect a frog or an animal?

A frog dissection is cheaper to conduct than larger animal and organ dissections. They’re smaller animals (requiring less manual dexterity) and can be raised quickly for laboratory work.

How does a frog hide from its enemies?

To hide from their enemies, frogs have camouflage skin colorings that help them to blend in with their surroundings. Special pigment cells in their skin control the camouflage pattern and colors. Also, some frogs have serous glands in their skin, which secrete poison that will irritate the mouth of their predators.

How do you measure the intestine of a frog?

Measuring the Small intestine: Remove the small intestine from the body cavity and carefully separate the mesentery from it. Stretch the small intestine out and measure it. Now measure your frog. Record the measurements below in centimeters. Frog length: _______ cm Intestine length ________ cm

Instructions: Internal anatomyTo begin the dissection you’ll first need to pin and secure your frog, then choose a tool and create the skin incision. You’ll then need to carefully cut through the muscle layer and pin that. EndFragment

Which is the last stop in a frog’s body?

The large intestine leads to the cloaca, which is the last stop before solid wastes, sperm, eggs, and urine exit the frog’s body. (The word “cloaca” means sewer.)

What makes the skin of a frog slippery?

Skin The frog’s skin is also a respiratory surface and is covered with mucus so that the skin can absorb oxygen from the water. The mucus also prevents the frog from drying out when it is out of the water and makes it slippery – helping it escape predators.

Where are the eggs deposited in a frog?

A mature female frog’s ovaries would be highly visible if eggs have been produced. The eggs, once internally fertilized by sperm, are deposited outside the body through the cloaca. [if gte mso 9]> 0 0 1 31 178 TVO 1 1 208 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-CA JA X-NONE The mesentery is a thin membrane that serves to hold organs in place.

Where do you find sperm in a frog?

If your frog lacks these large egg bodies, look carefully for two yellow small bean shaped organs. These are the testes, where the sperm is produced in the male. [if gte mso 9]> 0 0 1 247 1414 TVO 11 3 1658 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-CA JA X-NONE

What is the bump on the back of a frog called?

You may also notice a bump on the frogs back, called the sacrum.EndFragment EndFragment The spleen makes, stores and destroys blood cells and plays a role in both filtering the blood and helping the immune system. (This organ is connected to the digestive system but is part of the circulatory system.)