What are the sizes of compel precaution gowns?

What are the sizes of compel precaution gowns?

Precaution gowns are available in three sizes (L, XL, 3XL) with color-coded ties and binding and includes a QCM grid for monitoring wash/dry cycles. ComPel ® isolation and precaution gowns are available in traditional rear open, front open, and our patent-pending EasyRelease ® designs.

Are there any surgical gowns that are reusable?

We manufacture and supply some of the highest-quality reusable surgical gowns available to the healthcare market. A sampling of our comprehensive line of quality products is featured here.

What makes compel isolation gowns so comfortable to wear?

ComPel ® utilizes a patented optimized synthetic microfilament construction that repels liquids even as it allows moisture vapor to pass through. It also delivers significant documented cost savings versus disposable gowns. The lapover sidetie design, long sleeves, and synthetic stockinette cuffs deliver a comfortable fit with complete coverage.

When do you need to wear a gown?

Gown Use in Standard Precautions. Wear when contact between clothing or skin with patient blood or body substances is expected. For example: • Contact with patient’s non- intact skin (e.g., wounds) • During procedures likely to generate a splash or spray of blood or body fluid • Handling containers or patient fluids likely to leak, splash

When do we need to use isolation gowns?

In addition to use as part of Standard Precautions, if contact with blood or body fluids is anticipated, isolation gowns could be prioritized for higher risk activities including: Use with patients with suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infections during aerosol generating procedures.

Do you cover all of the body in a non-surgical gown?

Like surgical isolation gowns, non-surgical gowns should also cover as much of the body as is appropriate to the task. As referenced in Figure 2, all areas of the non-surgical gown except bindings, cuffs, and hems are considered critical zones of protection and must meet the highest liquid barrier protection level for which the gown is rated.