What are typical Danish names?

What are typical Danish names?

Most common male names in Denmark as of January 2021

Characteristic Number of individuals
Jan 37,253
Martin 37,112
Niels 34,126
Anders 33,830

What is the most popular name in Denmark?

Related statistics

Nr Navn Antal
1 Alma 514
2 Agnes 456
3 Ella 448
4 Freja 439

What are Danish female names?

Top 20 Danish names for girls in 2018:

  • Ida.
  • Emma.
  • Alma.
  • Ella.
  • Sofia.
  • Freja.
  • Josefine.
  • Clara.

What are Danish girls called?

Lærke (name)

Gender female
Word/name Danish
Meaning lark
Region of origin Denmark

What are some male Danish names?

The 50 most popular Danish boy names 2019/2020

  • William. Alfred. Oscar. Noah. Karl. Lucas. Oliver. Arthur. August. Malthe. Valdemar.
  • Victor. Aksel. Elias. Magnus. Viggo. Anton. Felix. Frederik. Nohr. Alexander.
  • Lauge. Hugo. Liam. Villads. Theodor. Loui. Milas. Anker. Albert. Johan.
  • Mikkel. Christian. Matheo. Konrad. Pelle. Villum. Benjamin. Erik. ​​Asger. Mads.

What are popular Danish last names?

The most common last names in Denmark

  1. Jensen. Easily the most common Danish surname, Jensen is the last name of one in every 24 people throughout Denmark.
  2. Nielsen. The second most common Danish surname, Nielsen is the family name of around one in every 25 people.
  3. Hansen.
  4. Pedersen.
  5. Andersen.
  6. Christensen.
  7. Larsen.
  8. Sorensen.

What are Danish names?

Popular Baby Names , origin danish

Name Meaning Origin
Anders Danish form of Andrew. Danish
Anker Danish form of Andrew. Danish
Anndrea Feminine form of Ander. Danish
Annelise Graceful light. Danish

What does the name Freja mean?

Goddess of Love
Freja means: Norse Goddess of Love. Freja Name Origin: Scandinavian.

What does name Alma mean?

Alma (/ˈɑːlmə/ AHL-mə) is an English feminine given name, but has historically been used in the masculine form as well, sometimes in the form Almo. The name Alma also has several meanings in a variety of languages, and is generally translated to mean that the child “feeds one’s soul” or “lifts the spirit”.

What are the top 50 girl names?

TOP 50 UNIQUE GIRL’S NAMES. Isla (“River in Scotland”) Ava (“Bird, living one”) Cora (“Maiden”) Eleanor (“Shining light”) Penelope (“Bobbin”) Evelyn (“Hazelnut”) Adeline (“Pleasant, of nobility”)

What are some Danish names?

Danish baby names (which include Norse/Scandinavian names) come in and out of style, but some have popular for generations—like Karen or Eva for girls and Cristofer or Erik for boys. Karen. Danish: Pure, innocent.

What are some unique girl names?

Along with Bay and Bee, unique nature names for girls we may see taking off include Fleur, Garnet, Lilac, Marine, Petal, and Solstice. Unique girl names with celebrity ties also have a better-than-average chance of becoming, well, less unique. These include Blue, Banks, Eleven, Tilda , and Winslet .

What are the most common female names?

Common names are different from popular names as they denote names found most widely amongst the entire population, not just used for babies in a single year. Names most common for females in the US over the past century are listed here, with Mary claiming the top spot, followed by Patricia, Jennifer, Linda, and Elizabeth.