What are VR28 lenses?

What are VR28 lenses?

Oakley Polarized VR28 Black Iridium Lenses are designed specifically to increase depth perception, especially on trails. Imagine yourself riding in the back country at full speed. Your ability to see the depressions in the ground will determine whether you can stay in balance and go the distance.

Are Iridium lenses good?

The Fire Iridium lens is another good everyday choice, offering a little more visual acuity and contrast, while providing the same sun protection. The addition of Oakley’s Iridium anti-glare coating provides even more protection from harmful UV rays.

What’s the difference between Iridium and polarized?

the iridium lens can reflect the sun shine ,like a mirror and it can be produced with any color . the polarized lens is grey usual,but it can’t reflect sun light,and the polaroid lens can be coated with mirror film. and the price of iridium lens is higher than polarization.

What is vr28?

Polarized lens are extremely good in brilliantly bright light conditions like out at sea or on snow-capped peaks while skiing. They are also good for photo-sensitive patients who have undergone eye-surgery. Iridium, on the other hand, consists of a special metal oxide coating on the lens.

What are iridium lenses good for?

Fire iridium lenses help to reduce glare and improve visual acuity allowing you to see better in the snow. G30 lenses are sports performance lenses. G30 helps to improve contrast and depth perception in blues and greens.

Are Iridium lenses mirrored?

Oakley’s Iridium lenses have a more reflective surface – almost mirror-like in some cases. These might be the lens of choice if you’re looking to hide your eyes, but there are some things to consider such as frame shape or the colour of the tint that can effect this as explained in the video.

Which is better black iridium or vr28 polarized?

well depends on what your going to be doing with the glasses. Black Iridium Polarized is going to be the darkest lens and block out the most sunlight. VR28 Black Iridium Polarized is on a brown base which means its going to give you good contrast, this will make things pop more, it will also help on more overcast day.

What kind of lens is used for black iridium?

Lenses like G30, G20, G20 Black iridium, G26 etc etc use the rose base lense. The lenses are quite different in many regards.

What’s the advantage or disadvantage of black iridium?

The advantage or VR28 Black Iridium or Black Iridium is the wider spectrum of light conditions in which it can be used. Black Iridium’s sole purpose is to make things darker and block light transmission.