What can I spray on my plants to keep bugs away?

What can I spray on my plants to keep bugs away?

A great recipe for a homemade bug spray for vegetable plants is to use one tablespoon of dish soap, one cup of vegetable oil, one quart of water, and one cup of rubbing alcohol.

What is a natural bug repellent for plants?

Citronella grass is perhaps one of the best-known plants that repel bugs. Their lemon-scented stalks have long been touted for their mosquito-repelling abilities. You can crush its leaves to apply its oil to your skin or extract the citronella oil to make your own DIY natural bug repellent.

What potted plants keep bugs away?

8 House Plants That Can Help Deter Pests

  • Basil and Mint. Basil and mint are delicious ingredients, perfect for your favorite Italian fare or a cup of tea.
  • Sage and Rosemary.
  • Citronella Plant and Lemongrass.
  • Marigolds.
  • Lavender.
  • Catnip.
  • Chrysanthemums.
  • Carnivorous Plants.

How does apple cider vinegar repel mosquitoes?

Add equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Use it on areas where mosquitoes tend to hang out. You can even spray it on yourself to keep them away. Some experts claim that if you consume apple cider vinegar regularly you’ll actually change your natural scent and it will repel mosquitoes.

How do you make homemade insect repellent?

Mix 1 part oil of lemon eucalyptus or lavender essential oil with 10 parts witch hazel in the bottle. (For each drop of oil, use 10 drops of witch hazel.) Shake gently to mix. Spray to apply.

How do I keep bugs off my plants without pesticides?

Vegetable Oil Use 1 tablespoon of mild soap (like dish soap or castile soap) to 1 cup of vegetable oil. Mix well. Add 2 tablespoons of the oil mix to 1 quart of water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the top and bottom of each leaf where the insects are dwelling and the stems if needed.

How do I keep bugs off my plants?

How to get rid of these bugs: Remove any heavily infested parts of the plant. Wipe off insects elsewhere with a damp rag or spray them off with water in the bathtub. You can also dislodge them with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or vegetable oil, or spray them with insecticidal soap.

How do I get rid of bugs in my potted plants?

How do I keep bugs out of my potted plants?

To get rid of bugs in houseplants, push a clove of garlic into the plant’s soil. If the garlic sprouts and grows, just cut it back. Spider mites are apt to thrive in warm, dry houses. Frequent misting under the leaves of houseplants will discourage them.

What plants dont attract bugs?

Good Earth Plant Company’s Top 12 Insect Repelling Plants That Are Easy to Grow

  • Sansevieria. Called mother-in-law’s-tongue or snake plant, sansevierias are nearly the toughest houseplants around.
  • Aglaonema.
  • Bromeliads.
  • Aspidistra Elatior.
  • Cissus.
  • Coleus Blumei.
  • Dracaena.
  • Mosquito Plant or Citronella Plant.

What outdoor plants repel insects?

Plants That Repel Insects and Garden Pests. Marigolds. These compact flowers, with their brightly colored hues of yellow and orange, have a strong, distinct smell that makes this a plant that repels insects like mosquitoes and black flies.

How do you make homemade bug repellent?

Homemade Bug Spray Instructions Place essential oils in a glass spray bottle. Add vodka or alcohol and shake well to combine. Pour in witch hazel and shake to combine. Add ½ tsp vegetable glycerin if using. This is not necessary but helps everything stay combined. Add water and shake again.

What plants repel mosquitoes and flies?

A variety of other plants repel flies and mosquitoes. Lavender can be grown in containers and placed anywhere that help is needed to repel pests such as mosquitoes, moths and fleas. Pennyroyal is a form of mint with fragrant leaves that helps keep away both mosquitoes and flies.

What plants deter bugs?

Lavender is a fragrant and deer resistant plant. This fragrant perennial can repel bugs such as moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes.