What dialogue is Mona Darling?

What dialogue is Mona Darling?

His first movie as a villain was Suraj, followed by films such as Zanjeer and Yaadon Ki Baaraat. His famous dialogues included the “Mona darling” bit in Yaadon Ki Baraat, “Lily don’t be silly” in Zanjeer and the one about a “Lion” in Kallicharan.

What is the real name of Ajit?

Hamid Ali Khan
Ajit Khan/Full name

How old is Ajit?

76 years (1922–1998)
Ajit Khan/Age at death

Where was Ajit born?

Hyderabad, IndiaGolconda Fort
Ajit Khan/Place of birth

What is the real name of Ajit villain?

What does Ajit mean?

The name is derived from Sanskrit, where its primary meaning is “invincible”, “irresistible”, “unsurpassed”. The literal meaning is “unconquered”, from the prefix a- “not”, and jita “conquered”.

In which city Ajit newspaper is printed?

Ajit (Daily Ajit) is a Punjabi language daily newspaper published in Jalandhar, India.

How old is Shehzad Khan?

55 years (October 25, 1966)
Shehzad Khan/Age

What does Ranjit mean?

The name Ranjit is primarily a male name of Indian origin that means Victorious In Battle.

What is a agit?

The definition of agit means to shake or stir. An example of agit is shaking a medication before taking it.

Who is the editor of Punjabi Tribune?

Punjabi Tribune

Type Daily newspaper
Editor-in-chief Swaraj Bir Singh
Founded 15 August 1978
Political alignment Neutral
Language Panjabi

Who is the founder of Hindustan Times?

Sunder Singh Lyallpuri
Hindustan Times was founded in 1924 by Sunder Singh Lyallpuri, founder-father of the Akali movement and the Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab Province. S Mangal Singh Gill (Tesildar) and S. Chanchal Singh (Jandiala, Jalandhar) were made in charge of the newspaper.