What did Alex Pettyfer do to Dianna Agron?

What did Alex Pettyfer do to Dianna Agron?

On February 18, British star Pettyfer, allegedly got into a heated confrontation with Black Swan actor Sebastian Stan, accusing him of hooking up with Agron, the magazine claimed. ‘Dianna is terrified of [Alex],’ a friend told the publication.

Did Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer date?

(CBS) It’s over between Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer. The “Glee” actress and her “I Am Number Four” costar have ended their relationship. A source confirmed to Us magazine on Saturday that the pair – who were set up by director D.J.

Why did Diana Agron and Alex Pettyfer Break Up?

The split came just two weeks after multiple gossip sites reported the “I Am Number Four” co-stars were secretly engaged. Pettyfer, 20, reportedly became enraged last Friday during an argument with fellow actor Sebastian Stan, whom he accused of “hooking up” with Agron.

When did Sebastian Stan and Dianna Agron date?

He had a fling with ‘Glee’s’ Dianna Agron in 2011. According to reports, they started dating in May, shortly after Dianna broke up with her ex-boyfriend and former co-star Alex Pettyfer. However, it was confirmed by two sources that Dianna and Sebastian had broken up in December due to concerns about cheating.

Are Dianna Agron and Taylor still friends?

Agron is married and still acting, but it’s unclear if she and Swift are friends. She and Swift haven’t been seen together on or offline in a few years, so it’s unclear if they’re still friends.

Is Taylor Swift Wonderland about Dianna Agron?

Fans think Taylor Swift’s “Wonderland” is about Dianna Agron. In a very detailed Twitter thread, a Taylor-Dianna fan laid out all the evidence that “Wonderland” was written about Agron, and that the two clearly had a secret relationship.

How did Sebastian Stan and Dianna Agron meet?

A source told Life and Style magazine: “He came to Dianna’s 3pm ‘Glee’ performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on May 28. He waited for her backstage. Once the cast finished the show, Dianna ran backstage to Sebastian, and they were all over each other! Dianna and Sebastian love hanging out together.

How long has Sebastian Stan dated his girlfriend?

The couple have been dating since 2020 but keep their romance out of the spotlight. So, when Sebastian shared a rare photo with Alejandra on Instagram recently his fans went wild. While he is ringing in his 39th birthday, Alejandro only recently turned 29.

Why is Wonderland about Dianna Agron?

Dianna has green eyes, and the word “curious” alludes to another Alice in Wonderland reference — Alice in Wonderland is one of Agron’s favorite movies and she has an Alice quote tattooed on her, hence why fans are convinced that “Wonderland” is about the actress.

What Taylor Swift songs are about Dianna?

Taylor Swift Songs About Dianna Agron

  • State Of GraceTaylor Swift.
  • EnchantedTaylor Swift.
  • 22Taylor Swift.
  • Everything Has ChangedTaylor Swift, Ed Sheeran.
  • Begin AgainTaylor Swift.
  • TreacherousTaylor Swift.
  • Stay Stay StayTaylor Swift.
  • OursTaylor Swift.