What did Ronaldinho say about Okocha?

What did Ronaldinho say about Okocha?

In a tweet from 2017, Ronaldinho posted a picture of himself, the ex-Super Eagles captain and Colombian legend Carlos Valderrama, with the caption: “Only shirt 10 that I always admired.” Ronaldinho was making references to the jersey number Okocha and Valderrama wore during their playing days in the national team.

Is Okocha a legend?

The newest member of an elite group of former playing greats to become part of the illustrious Bundesliga Legends Network, Okocha set Germany’s playing fields alight between 1992 and ’96, when the Nigerian ace scored 18 goals and provided 13 assists in 90 memorable matches for the team known as The Eagles.

How old is Jeje Okocha?

48 years (August 14, 1973)
Jay-Jay Okocha/Age

What happened to Jay-Jay Okocha?

The former Paris Saint-Germain attacking midfielder said a lack of playing time majorly influenced his decision to quit the round leather game. And after playing across five different countries: Germany, Turkey, France, Qatar , and England, he decided to call it quits.

Did Okocha mentor Ronaldinho?

Jay Jay Okocha was Ronaldinho’s mentor at PSG. Ronaldinho refused to wear the no. 10 jersey in the 2003 Nigeria – Brazil match in Abuja National Stadium to honour him. Ronaldinho calls him the “Only Number 10 he has ever admired.

Did Ronaldinho learn football from Okocha?

Okocha has now confirmed the story, saying Ronaldinho learned from him during their time together at PSG. “Ronaldinho tried to imitate some of my skills and dribbles, he was still a young player before I left for England, and he joined Barcelona,” Okocha told ‘On-time sports, per AS.

Why is Okocha a legend?

Okocha was known for his confidence and trickery with the ball, technique, creativity, flair, close control, and dribbling skills, as well as his turn of pace and his use of feints, in particular the stepover and his trademark turns.

How old is Wilson Oruma?

44 years (December 30, 1976)
Wilson Oruma/Age

Why did Jay-Jay Okocha leave PSG?

“PSG have always expected too much from me, but they will not force me out.” The Super Eagle is reportedly one of the highest earners in France on around £80,000 a week, and it is the French club’s desire to reduce his salary that has caused his immanent departure from Paris.

Did Jay Jay Okocha teach Ronaldinho?

There’s this myth among Nigerian football fans that the former Bolton Wanderers star taught Ronaldinho the skills that made him arguably the most gifted footballer of his generation. Okocha has now confirmed the story, saying Ronaldinho learned from him during their time together at PSG.

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