What do snowmobile power valves do?

What do snowmobile power valves do?

Mounted in the exhaust port of many snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and motorcycles, exhaust power valves are devices designed to improve combustion efficiency at varying RPM. Improved efficiency increases horsepower and lowers exhaust emissions.

What does an Arctic Cat power valve do?

This predetermined whether the engine would provide its optimum power delivery at either the high, mid or low RPM range. The power valve allows the two-cycle engine to provide usable horsepower throughout its operating RPM range.

What does adjusting the power valve do?

The adjuster changes the preload on the main power-valve spring. The power valve is held in the closed position by a spring. You can change when the power valve opens by adjusting preload on this spring. This affects the power-delivery characteristics of your engine.

How do I know if my power valve is stuck open?

A stuck closed valve would rob you of peak rpms and mph. You’d be able to hear it and feel it. A stuck open (not common) valve would rob you of throttle response when you hit the flipper. That would sound odd to.

What does the power valve do on a 2 stroke?

The power valve is a movable flap located on the cylinder exhaust port of a two-stroke engine – where burnt gasses are flushed out of the cylinder. This helps the engine generate torque at low speeds. As revs build, the flap gradually opens, expanding the size of the exhaust outlet for greater top-end power.

Will a stuck power valve cause low compression?

More likely it may be stuck valves…and they too can give partial compression. Low pressure on two adjacent cylinders may also indicate head gasket failure.

Does power valve affect idle?

The idea behind having a power valve that is open at idle is that the the idle and power enrichment circuits are separate and therefore, there will be no effect. While the idle and main circuits are separate, an over-rich main circuit at idle will have an effect on idle quality.