What does AEC trucks stand for?

What does AEC trucks stand for?

Associated Equipment Company
Associated Equipment Company (AEC) was a British vehicle manufacturer that built buses, motorcoaches and trucks from 1912 until 1979. The name Associated Equipment Company was hardly ever used; instead it traded under the AEC and ACLO brands.

What is a tempo car?

The Ford Tempo and its twin, the Mercury Topaz, are compact cars produced by the Ford Motor Company for model years 1984 to 1994. The Tempo and Topaz were part of a plan by Ford to offer more environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, and modern looking models to compete with European and Japanese imports.

What is the car lorry called?

Mack is a main character in Cars and Cars 3, and a supporting character in Cars 2. He is a red 1985 Mack semi-hauler. He is a loyal truck and Lightning McQueen’s only true friend (before going to Radiator Springs).

Is a car a tempo?

The Tempo Matador was the first diesel light commercial vehicle in India. The company started production of the Hanseat 3-Wheelers in collaboration with Vidal & Sohn Tempo Werke Germany in 1958. The word Tempo (a registered trade mark of Daimler) is now generic for any small goods carrier in India.

Who owned AEC?


Fate Taken over
Defunct 1979
Headquarters Southall, G London, England
Industry Motor vehicles
Parent Leyland Motor Corporation (1962-1968) British Leyland Motor Corporation (1968-1975) British Leyland Ltd (1975-1979)

What happened to Foden trucks?

Foden Trucks was a British truck and bus manufacturing company, which had its origins in Elworth near Sandbach in 1856. Paccar acquired the company in 1980, and ceased to use the marque name in 2006.

What is the use of Tempo vehicle?

Later on, Tempo introduced the Matador, which (along with the Bajaj Hanseat) was extremely popular in India where it was used as goods carrying vehicles. The four-wheeled Matador remained under production by Tempo from 1949 till 1967.

What is the tow truck in Lightning McQueen called?

Sir Tow Mater KBE
Sir Tow Mater KBE, or simply Tow Mater, or Mater is one of the main characters of the Disney•Pixar Cars franchise. He is a rusty old tow truck and Lightning McQueen’s best friend. His catchphrases are: “Dad-gum!”, “If I’m lyin’, I’m cryin’!”, and “Git-R-Done!” – the last of which is shared with his voice actor.

Who plays the semi truck in cars?

John Dezső Ratzenberger
John Dezső Ratzenberger (born April 6, 1947) is an American actor, entrepreneur, and filmmaker. He is one of the most successful actors of all time in terms of box-office receipts. Ratzenberger portrayed Cliff Clavin on the comedy series Cheers, for which he earned two Primetime Emmy nominations.

Who built the Routemaster?

AEC Routemaster
Manufacturer Associated Equipment Company
Production 1954–1968
Body and chassis
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive

What kind of lorry was the Jensen JNSN?

Jensen were producing the JNSN light-weight lorry at the time, and their drawing office looked at ways of elongating their standard lorry. Coming up with a solution, Raymond Way Motors commissioned the manufacture of an ‘extended’ lorry.

Which is the best definition of the word lorry?

See more synonyms for lorry on noun, plural lor·ries. Chiefly British. a motor truck, especially a large one. any of various conveyances running on rails, as for transporting material in a mine or factory. a long, low, horse-drawn wagon without sides.

When was the first Jensen JNSN freighter made?

The JNSN prototype, chassis number 6445991, was ready for collection by Raymond Way Motors during 1955, and after the prototype, Jensen Motors tweaked the design by increasing the wheel-base, which gave a flat of 25ft 6”. They also fitted a 5 speed gearbox and a glass fibre roof to the cabin.

How big is a Raymond way JNSN lorry?

A JNSN lorry of standard platform type. A 30 foot long JNSN complete with double deck trailer, in use by Raymond Way Motors, Kilburn, London. Incredibly, this actual 30 foot lorry survives to this day (2017).