What does an Atpial do?

What does an Atpial do?

The Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser (ATPIAL) is a rugged, combat-proven and easy-to-use aiming system. Featuring integrated infrared and visible aim lasers as well as an infrared illuminator, the ATPIAL stands battle-tested for nighttime direct-fire aiming and illumination.

Who makes the Atpial?

L3 Warrior Systems –
L3/Insight ATPIAL-C IR Laser

Manufacturer: L3 Warrior Systems – Insight Technology
Weight (with battery): 7.5 oz.
Battery Type: (1) CR123 / 3 Volt Lithium
Battery Life: > 6 hrs.
Visible Aim Laser Safety Class: 3R

Is Insight technology still in business?

Insight Enterprises Inc. is an Arizona-based publicly traded global technology company that focuses on business-to-business and information technology (IT) capabilities for enterprises….Insight Enterprises.

Type Public
Area served Worldwide

How much does an IR laser cost?

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What is the purpose of a PEQ 15?

AN/PEQ-15 (ATPIAL) The AN/PEQ-15 Advanced Target Pointer/ Illuminator/ Aiming Light (ATPIAL) P/N ATP-000-A18 is designed to be used with (or without) night vision devices to engage enemy targets at night. As the next generation of the AN/PEQ-2A, the ATPIAL offers more functionality at almost 1/2 the size and weight.

What does a PEQ 15 do?

L3 Insight offers a civilian version of the U.S. Army’s AN/PEQ-15 multi-function laser device to kit out your AR for low-light shooting. The IR Aim and Illumination lasers provide for active, covert target acquisition in low light or complete darkness when used in conjunction with night vision devices.

Who makes the PEQ 15?

L3Harris Technologies

Dimensions 4.6in(L) x 2.8in(W) x 1.6in(H)
NSN 5855-01-534-5931
Manufacturer L3Harris Technologies

Who makes the military Peq 15?

Aurora Tactical Group LLC
ATPIAL(AN/PEQ-15) – Aurora Tactical Group LLC – Professional Night Vision & Thermal.

What kind of laser is the L3Harris ATPIAL C?

The ATPIAL-C (Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator Aiming Laser – Commercial) is a multi-function Class1 & Class 3R Infrared/Visible laser from L3Harris Technologies. It features an Infrared Laser Pointer, Visible Laser Pointer (Red), and Infrared Laser Illuminator.

Why is L-3 Insight Technology a world leader?

L-3 Insight Technology is a world leader today because they’ve focused on bringing the best products to the market. They are currently a military supplier, and though you may not realize it, your freedoms are defended by Insight Technology Gear. Soldiers on the front lines use them to protect themselves and their brothers in arms.

Why are Insight Technology flashlights the way to go?

When you need a low light sighting option that’s is reliable and you can always count on, Insight Technology is the way to go. Why? Because Insight Technology Laser Sights, Insight Tech Thermal Imagers and more were developed with military and law enforcement professionals in mind.

What makes an insight IR laser eye safe?

So, Insight made the illuminator “fixed” so that it cannot be rotated and adjusted. By doing this, they set it at a point where any measureable spot of the wide beam will register under 1mW, making it eye safe.