What does EP mean in grease?

What does EP mean in grease?

Extreme Pressure
‘EP’ stands for ‘Extreme Pressure’ and is a term used to describe lubricant applications that are subjected to high load conditions. Additives, both physical and chemical, are used in grease formulations to give a product its high load capabilities or ‘EP’ performance.

What is the difference between EP 1 and EP2 grease?

Grease Lithium EP is specially formulated to lubricate all sorts of equipment and mechanisms. Grease Lithium EP 1 will work very will in centralized systems and extreme pressure gears working at ambient temperatures. Grease Lithium EP 2 and 3 are well suited in heavy duty bearings and general industrial lubrication.

What is synthetic EP grease?

FEATURES. Ulti-Plex Synthetic Grease EP is a high performance grease specially formulated for extreme pressure bearing applications operating under high and low temperature conditions and for those difficult applications requiring extended lubrication intervals.

What is EP Moly grease?

Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease is a multi-purpose, extreme pressure, low tack, aluminum complex, waterproof grease made from severely hydrotreated polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and high viscosity index. Moly EP Synthetic Plus is fortified with extra synthetic to eliminate seasonal grade changes.

What is non EP grease?

Thixotropy is defined as the shear-thinning property of “flowing” usually thick or viscous fluids through stress. “ In vehicle applications, EP2 greases are applied on parts that cannot be frequently lubricated. It is also used on parts where lubricating oil usually doesn’t stay in position.

Is Nlgi the same as EP?

This tells us two things, EP 2 grease is a NLGI Grade 2 and it is fortified with Extreme Pressure (EP) additives. This tells us nothing else about the thickener type, base oil type or viscosity of the base oil. The correct NLGI grade is an important consideration because not all grease applications are the same.

What is ep1 and EP2 grease?

Mobilux EP 0, 1, and 2 products are a high performance family of five general-purpose industrial greases and two special-duty semi-fluid greases. These lithium hydroxystearate greases are formulated to provide extra protection against wear, rusting and water washout. Mobilux EP 2 are general-purpose greases.

What does EP2 mean in grease?

Is Synthetic grease same as silicone grease?

Conventional greases employ a petroleum-based product, such as mineral oil. Synthetic greases use a synthetic lubricant, such as silicone. Consequently, they can withstand temperature extremes and maintain lubricating effectiveness better than conventional greases.

Can you mix synthetic grease with regular grease?

Why You Can’t Mix Grease — Usually At its most basic, grease is a homogeneous blend of a synthetic or mineral oil and a thickener. At the same time, lithium complex and lithium 12-hydroxy thickeners are compatible with each other.

What is Moly EP grease used for?

Chevron Moly Greases EP are recommended for use in roller chains, trunions, gears, cables, sheaves, slides, and chassis bearings. In industrial applications, these greases are recommended for the lubrication of conveyor bearings,sliding and rubbing surfaces, kiln car bearings, etc.

What does EP grease stand for in Grease category?

EP Grease. EP Grease stands for Extreme Pressure. Under high pressure or shock loading, normal grease can be compressed to the extent that the protective film breaks and the greased parts come into physical contact, causing friction and wear.

What can EP2 grease be used for in a car?

It is also used on parts where lubricating oil usually doesn’t stay in position. In addition to this, EP2 grease can also act as a sealant that prevents ingress of incompressible components and water. One type of lubricant grease used in automobiles is EP2 lithium grease.

What does EP2 stand for in lubricant?

EP2 Grease. What does it stand for? One type of lubricant grease used in automobiles is EP2 lithium grease. What is it? It is a general purpose lithium-soap thickened grease for extreme pressures. Here, soaps disperse and viscosify oil to create the stable gels of greases.

What is the melting point of EP2 grease?

EP2 lithium grease is best used for applications that involve a wide range of temperatures and high/extreme pressure conditions. This type has a higher melting point (around 500°F or 260°C or more) as compared to conventional lithium greases. This quality makes perfect for applications that involves heavier stresses and loads.