What does in everything but in name mean?

What does in everything but in name mean?

If you say that a situation exists in all but name, you mean that it is not officially recognized even though it exists.

What is his name synonymous with?

What is another word for what’s-his-name?

anonymous unidentified
incognito innominate
unknown unacknowledged
unspecified undesignated
certain faceless

What does synonymous name mean?

If you say that one thing is synonymous with another, you mean that the two things are so closely connected in most people’s minds that one suggests the other: Oscar Wilde’s name is synonymous with wit. Similar and the same. -esque.

What is meant by in name only?

—used to describe a person, thing, or action that does not have the qualities that its name suggests She’s my boss in name only.

What does to all intents and purposes mean?

For all intents and purposes is a phrase meaning “essentially” or “in effect.” It is often mistaken as for all intensive purposes because when spoken aloud these two phrases sound very similar.

What is the synonym of my name is?

1 appellation, cognomen, denomination, designation, epithet, handle (slang) moniker or monicker (slang) nickname, sobriquet, term, title. 2 distinction, eminence, esteem, fame, honour, note, praise, renown, repute.

What are synonyms for my name?

What is another word for give your name?

introduce yourself come forward
identify yourself make yourself known
say who you are show yourself

What is your name synonyms?

what’s his/her name

  • nameless.
  • undisclosed.
  • unidentified.
  • unnamed.
  • incognito.
  • pseudo.
  • pseudonymous.
  • secret.

What is the opposite word for synonymous?

What is the opposite of synonymous?

different dissimilar
antonymous nonsynonymous
opposite polar
unequal disparate
contrasting differing