What does Mega Swampert do in Smogon strategy pokedex?

What does Mega Swampert do in Smogon strategy pokedex?

It also has the ability to break down conventional rain checks such as Toxapex, Ferrothorn, and Mantine due to its secondary STAB attack, Earthquake, and its array of coverage moves such as Superpower and Stone Edge. Mega Swampert can also provide great role compression because it is a Stealth Rock user that beats Mega Sableye.

What kind of special attack does Swampert have?

Offensively, Swampert’s durability and solid Special Attack, as well as Torrent, give it the ability to fire off strong Hydro Pumps at defensive cores, and it can wield Earthquake and Focus Punch to dismantle Blissey, the tier’s answer to special moves.

How many EVS does Swampert have in Smogon?

The given spread maximizes Swampert’s ability to take hits—248 HP EVs and 44 Special Defense EVs guarantee that Swampert survives Hidden Power Grass from Modest Zapdos from full, while the rest of the EVs go into Defense. As an alternative, 36 Special Attack EVs guarantee that Swampert’s Hydro Pump will OHKO uninvested Aerodactyl.

What kind of move does Lucario use in Smogon?

Flash Cannon is Lucario’s Steel-type STAB move and is generally used to pound the Fairy-types that resist Lucario’s other moves, such as Florges and Aromatisse. Vacuum Wave is used as Lucario’s priority attack, gaining STAB and dealing a good amount of damage when boosted by Nasty Plot.

Who is the best teammate for Swampert in Smogon?

Tapu Koko is also a good teammate, as it gets a perfectly accurate Thunder under rain, and it provides free switches for Mega Swampert with U-turn. Tapu Lele is another good teammate, blocking priority and switching into a lot of Pokemon Swampert struggles with, namely Tangrowth and bulky Water-types such as Mantine and Mega Slowbro.

What do Swampert EVs do in Smogon strategy?

Swampert’s EVs allow it to survive a Grass Knot from Choice Specs Tapu Koko and KO it back with Earthquake. Almost all Water-type Pokemon benefit from the presence of Swampert on the team, as it is able to shield the rest of the team from Electric-type moves such as Rising Voltage and Thunderbolt, as well as set Stealth Rock.

Which is better Swampert or torrent in Smogon?

The given spread allows Swampert to outspeed Modest Primarina and uninvested Scizor, meaning it can hit them before they attack it or switch out with U-turn. Since Swampert is prone to being worn down, Torrent is the preferred ability, since it boosts the power of its Waterfall once it’s at a low amount of health.