What does PC stand for Pilatus?

What does PC stand for Pilatus?


Acronym Definition
PC12 Pilatus PC-12 (Pilatus Aircraft; Switzerland)
PC12 Pheochromocytoma Cell Line 12

When was the PC9 made?

Both the PC9 (the 9 mm version) and the PC4 (….Ruger Police Carbine.

Ruger Pistol Carbine
Manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Produced 1996-2006, 2017-present (Takedown variant)
Variants PC9, PC4

How many hours can a Pilatus PC-12 fly?

However, when configured for the fastest cruise speed, the PC-12 can maintain a cruise speed of 290 knots. The Pilatus PC-12 NGX can cruise at up to 30,000 feet….Pilatus PC-12 NGX Total Costs.

Annual Cost Flying 200 hours per year
Crew Training $10,898
Hangar $28,827
Insurance $18,941
Management $30,000

How much is a Pilatus PC 7?

At this time, there were already five civil-registered PC-7s in operation in North America; Pilatus believed that the region could be a viable market for both remanufactured and newly built examples of the type, which would be priced between $1 million and $2 million respectively.

How much is a PC-12?

List price for a new PC-12NG is $4.05 million, however Pilatus says that a typically equipped executive version will cost around $4.8 million. The PC-12 platform has already proven itself to be one of the most popular turboprops, with more than 1,400 PC-12s flying today.

Is the Ruger PC carbine reliable?

The Ruger PC Carbine is extremely reliable (I’ve yet to have a malfunction), reasonably accurate (I’m plinking things with iron sights), and pretty darn quiet with the right silencer and ammo. It is also fairly affordable compared to other options and it is a ton of fun.

What is the PC 9 aerofoil?

The Pilatus PC-9 is a single-engine, low-wing tandem-seat turboprop training aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. Designed as a more powerful evolution of the Pilatus PC-7, the PC-9’s first flight was made in May 1984 after which certification was achieved in September 1985.

How much does a Pilatus PC 6 cost?

With an all-new purchase price of $1.9 million, Pilatus says that the PC-6 represents a total cost of just 20% compared with the cost of a helicopter with similar load-carrying capabilities.

What kind of aircraft is the Pilatus PC-9?

Single-engine, low-wing tandem-seat turboprop military training aircraft. The Pilatus PC-9 is a single-engine, low-wing tandem-seat turboprop training aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland.

Where did the Pilatus PC-9 crash in Slovenia?

BAE Systems operated two development aircraft in support of the Royal Saudi Air Force contract. In 2004, a Slovenian air force PC-9 crashed in Lenart, resulting in the death of Maj. Drago Svetina. In 2008, a pilot candidate ejected from a Slovenian air force PC-9, the aircraft was not damaged and returned safely at Cerklje ob Krki Airbase .

Where was the Hawker de Havilland PC 9 built?

The PC-9 is designed by Pilatus Switzerland and built under license by Hawker de Havilland in Sydney. It was introduced to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in 1987, with pilot training commencing in 1989. It has established itself as the leader amongst military trainers in its class.

Are there any Pilatus in the Air Force?

Over 700 are to be built for the United States Air Force and United States Navy, with Pilatus receiving royalties. Current operators in dark blue, former in light blue and civil in red.