What does pipe city mean?

What does pipe city mean?

During this era, Oakland had a unique settlement of 200 men who repurposed surplus sewer pipes as their homes. Known as Pipe City or Miseryville, destitute men created a community using the American Concrete and Steel Pipe Company property.

What does pipe up mean slang?

Definition of ‘pipe up’ If someone who has been silent for a while pipes up, they say something, especially something surprising or strange. ‘That’s right, mister,’ another child piped up. [ VERB PARTICLE with quote]

What is Pipedown?

phrasal verb [no cont, usually imper] If you tell someone who is talking a lot or talking too loudly to pipe down, you are telling them to stop talking.

What does being on the pipe mean?

Riding on the “Pipe” is riding at the RPM where the two stroke is making its most power. This RPM range depends on engine size, expansion pipe design, porting etc. but In general at a higher RPM for smaller engines (85-125), and mid RPM for bigger bikes.

What does the calumet symbolize?

Associated with thunder and signifying honour and the sacredness of all life, the calumet was used to ratify alliances, to bring needed rain and to attest contracts and treaties (see Indigenous Peoples: Religion and Spirituality).

What does pipe down mean in slang?

to stop talking
: to stop talking or making noise.

Where does the phrase to pipe up come from?

The idiom came into use in the mid-1800, and is most probably related to the boatswain’s pipe on a sailing ship. In the evening, the officer would blow his pipe or whistle as a signal to retire below deck.

What does pipe dream mean?

: an illusory or fantastic plan, hope, or story.

Where did pipe down come from?

It comes from the navy in the 1800s, when sailing ships were controlled by blasts from the boatswain’s pipe (one of those nautical whistles). At the end of the day, he would pipe down the hammocks, a signal to go to bed, or if there was insubordination, the miscreant would be piped down below decks.

What does stay off the pipe mean?

Well, Daff, my first thought was this: off the pole = ‘away from a career in pole-dancing, i.e. a life of (quasi-)prostitution’; and off the pipe = ‘away from a life smoking cannabis through a pipe, i.e. a life of drug addiction’.

What is a Calumet and what was its purpose?

Sacred Pipe, also called Peace Pipe or Calumet, one of the central ceremonial objects of the Northeast Indians and Plains Indians of North America, it was an object of profound veneration that was smoked on ceremonial occasions.

What is a Calumet used for?

The calumet was a tobacco pipe, highly revered by the Illinois, which could be used to end disputes, strengthen alliances, and ensure peaceful relationships with strangers. The pipe’s bowl was carved from a red stone, called Catlinite, which was attached to a wooden stem.

Why is a pipe called a peace pipe?

Often called a ‘peace pipe’ due to the sense of tranquility induced by its use. The boys were smoking a pipe in the park. Get the pipe neck gaiter and mug. Get the pipes neck gaiter and mug. Test yo shit b4 u eat it might be pipes! Get a pipes mug for your fish Helena.

What does piping neck mean in Scots slang?

Scots slang: It means to act in an aggressively manner in order to goad people into a fight. I got into a scrap doon the town centre the day, some wee bam wis pure piping up to me wanting a fight. Get the Piping neck gaiter and mug.

What is the purpose of smoking a pipe?

a device used for the smoking of tobacco. not only is the pipe the best method for tobacco consumption, it serves as a magical bond between all pipe smokers past and present. the pipe allows the smoker to summon any of the powers held by other pipe smokers, like the intelligence of Albert Einstein.

What does it mean to get a piping mug?

Get a piping mug for your Uncle Trump. The sexual act also known as a blowjob. Best given by 19yr old scouse women. Get a piping mug for your Uncle José. Scots slang: It means to act in an aggressively manner in order to goad people into a fight.