What does plump mean?

What does plump mean?

1 : having a full rounded usually pleasing form a plump woman. 2 : ample, abundant.

What does plump for meaning?

informal. 1 US : to express support for (someone or something) The President plumped for the incumbent candidate in the election. 2 British : to choose (someone or something) after thinking carefully I finally plumped for the blue dress.

What does it mean when someone says your plump?

adjective. You can describe someone or something as plump to indicate that they are somewhat fat or rounded.

What does plump mean in slang?

vulgar slang Sexual activity. Primarily heard in UK, Australia.

Is plump same as fat?

A plump person is rather fat.

What does plump face mean?

But, believe it or not, you actually do want “plump” to describe you — your skin, that is. When our skin is plump, it’s not saggy or tired-looking and our fine lines and wrinkles are filled in. Our skin naturally loses elasticity and starts using more collagen than it can produce as we age.

Is it plump for or plumb for?

The same verb is used figuratively, especially with for, to talk about expressing support for someone or something, as in “plumping for the incumbent candidate,” or in British English, to choose something or someone after careful consideration, as in “plumping for the cake rather than the pie.” The other verb has to do …

What is the synonym of plump?

adjective. 1’a plump, rosy-faced girl’ chubby, fat, stout, rotund, buxom, well upholstered, well covered, well padded, of ample proportions, ample, roly-poly, round, rounded, well rounded, full, fattish, dumpy, chunky, broad in the beam, portly, overweight, fleshy, paunchy, bulky, corpulent.

Does plumb mean fat?

As adjectives the difference between fat and plumb is that fat is carrying a larger than normal amount of fat on one’s body while plumb is truly vertical.

What does UMPY mean?

n, pl umpies. (General Sporting Terms) Austral an informal word for umpire.

What is Steatopygous?

: an accumulation of a large amount of fat on the buttocks. Other Words from steatopygia. steatopygous \ -​ˈpī-​gəs \ or steatopygic \ -​ˈpij-​ik also -​ˈpī-​jik \ adjective.

What is the synonym for fat?

bulky, obese, inflated, bulging, hefty, large, chunky, big, heavy, meaty, plump, fatty, greasy, lucrative, flesh, grease, lard, gross, bull, solid.

What does the description’pleasantly plump’mean?

Answer Wiki. Hi. “Pleasantly plump” is a nice way of saying that a person is over-weight, but not horribly so. There used to be a time when some extra weight was actually considered to add to beauty.

What does the dictionary definition of plumped mean?

1. (often foll by: down, into, etc) to drop or fall suddenly and heavily: to plump down on the sofa. 3. suddenly or heavily: he ran plump into the old lady.

Which is an example of plump in a sentence?

Examples of plump in a Sentence Adverb there was a squirrel on the sidewalk plump in front of us Adjective His aunt pinched his plump cheeks.