What does shoot out mean slang?

What does shoot out mean slang?

a gunfight that must end in defeat for one side or the other, as between gunfighters in the Old West, criminal groups, or law-enforcement officers and criminals. Slang. Slang. a high-scoring or intensely played game or tournament, as of basketball or ice hockey.

What does eject mean synonyms?

Some common synonyms of eject are evict, expel, and oust. While all these words mean “to drive or force out,” eject carries an especially strong implication of throwing or thrusting out from within as a physical action.

What is the definition of shot out?

a. To hit, wound, or kill with a missile fired from a weapon. b. To remove or destroy by firing or projecting a missile: shot out the window. c.

What rubout means?

1 : to obliterate by or as if by rubbing. 2 : to destroy completely specifically : kill, murder somebody rubbed him out … with a twenty-two — Raymond Chandler. Other Words from rub out Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About rub out.

What is the meaning of the eject?

1a : to throw out especially by physical force, authority, or influence ejected the player from the game. b : to evict from property. 2 : to throw out or off from within ejects the empty cartridges.

Is shoutout one word or two?

: Shoutout is one word as a noun. Shoutout to the woman reading the AP Stylebook.”

What is Unger RubOut?

Unger RubOut is the professional surface cleaner for removing hard water stains, rust, mineral deposits, lime scale, and soap scum.

What does stuff your craw mean?

1. Be unable to say something, as in I meant to apologize but the words stuck in my craw. [

What do you mean by eject in computer?

1. With removable disk drives, eject means to disengage the medium (removable disk) so it may be removed. For instance, with a CD-ROM drive, ejecting the disk opens the tray.

How do you use eject in a sentence?

cause to come out in a squirt.

  1. Officials used guard dogs to eject the protesters.
  2. He tried to eject the spent cartridge and reload.
  3. Some ants eject formic acid when irritated.
  4. How do you eject the tape?
  5. The pilot managed to eject moments before the plane crashed.