What does the idiom she was walking on air mean?

What does the idiom she was walking on air mean?

: feeling very happy After he won the election, he was walking on air.

What figurative language is walking on air?

Idiom Meaning
Green light A signal to go ahead with plans
Paper trail Written evidence or documents that can be used as proof of what people did
Pie in the sky A positive but unrealistic view
Walking on air Being very happy

What does it mean when someone is on air?

Someone who puts on airs is extremely annoying to everyone around him, clearly pretentious and mannered in his attitude. The phrase has been around since the 1780s, and it comes from the French air, “look, appearance, bearing, or tone.” Definitions of airs. affected manners intended to impress others.

What does walking on thin air mean?

to be very happy and excited because something very good has happened to you: Ever since she met Mark, she’s been walking on air.

What does walking in the air mean?

Feel elated or exuberantly joyful, as in She was walking on air after she found out she’d won the teaching award. This metaphoric term likens feeling happy to floating. [ Late 1800s]

Is walking on air a phrase?

If you say that you are walking on air or floating on air, you mean that you feel extremely happy about something.

Is floating on air a metaphor?

Metaphor: She floated on air when she danced. Metaphor: He was shovelling cement into a mixer when he ate. 4.

What does on air mean in us?

on-air in American English (ˈɑnˈɛr ) adjective, adverb. Radio and Television. (while) broadcasting or being broadcast.

What does it mean to be live on air?

The pressure of being “live on air” refers to the pressure of giving a live (that is, not recorded) performance while being “on [the] air,” that is, while being broadcast on radio, television, or a live webcast.

What does out of thin air mean?

—used to say that someone or something appears in a sudden and unexpected way He appeared out of thin air.

What does it mean to dream walking on air?

The phrase walking on air means to feel extremely happy.

What is the meaning of floating in the air?

: feeling very happy After he won the election, he was floating on air.