What does the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure do?

What does the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure do?

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is an education and fundraising event for breast cancer. The series of 5K runs and fitness walks raises significant funds and awareness for the breast cancer movement, celebrates breast cancer survivorship and honors that who have lost their battle with the disease. MORE THAN PINK Walk®

Is the Susan G Komen for the Cure perfume toxic?

-In 2011, Susan G. Komen for the Cure created and sold a perfume called “ Promise Me ” containing potentially cancer-causing toxic ingredients coumarin, oxybenzone, and toluene. After this news broke, they pulled it from the market.

How is Komen used to promote breast cancer?

Cause marketing allows Komen to associate the breast cancer brand with its organization. By promoting the “fear, hope and goodness” associated with the breast cancer brand, Komen is able to promote itself, breast cancer awareness, its sponsoring corporations, and conscientious consumption.

How is Susan G Komen related to pinkwashing?

Komen is a key entity in the controversy over “pinkwashing”. The term has been used to describe two different situations: (1) organizations getting disproportionate publicity for donating very little, and (2) organizations using the pink ribbon to promote products that may be carcinogenic.

Why was the Susan G Komen Race in Arizona closed?

In 2013, the Associated Press reported that the Komen Foundation planned to cut half of its 3-Day races because of low participation. FULL LETTER, as it was posted online. We are saddened to report that the Susan G. Komen® Arizona Board of Directors has decided to close the local Affiliate.

Why is more than Pink Walk important to Susan G Komen?

The MORE THAN PINK Walk® is Komen’s signature fundraising event. It’s a day where we can all can put aside everything else in our lives and share our space, our stories, our laughter, and our tears to raise money that saves lives.