What dreams do you have for your child future?

What dreams do you have for your child future?

to grow up into caring, loving adults who seek and are successful in finding a life partner to love, cherish and share their life with. to be able to pursue their dreams – whether that be travel, study and/or career related – and to feel proud of their efforts and achievements.

What are your dreams and intentions for your child’s future?

“A child’s future is worth every sacrifice.” It has always been my dream for my children to get a good education, and live happy and successful lives. I want them to pursue their own dreams and live life to it’s fullest.

What are 3 goals you have for your child?

Goals for Children and Parents

  • Interact and get along socially with peers.
  • Develop strong, good self-concepts, which will hold well into elementary school years.
  • Be happy with school ideas and new friends.
  • Develop self-control.
  • Become aware of other’s feelings.
  • Cope with stressful situations.
  • Develop physical skills.

What do you want your child to become in future?

What do you want your child to become in the future? I want my child to develop as a happy and confident young person so that she can deal with the situations whatever life throws at her. She should have the self-confidence to take the right decision whenever required.

What are some goals for my child?

Goals for Children

  • To be able to do, make, think and move – climb, run, balance, pour, catch, draw, cut, sift, sort, fit, count, understand, reason, infer.
  • To use language effectively.
  • To see similarities and differences.
  • To overcome obstacles.
  • To be resourceful.
  • To be resilient.
  • To sense one’s own competence.

What are your goals for your child?

What are your expectations for your child?

Here are a few things to consider when setting those high expectations for your child.

  • Your child is an individual. Look at your own child’s strengths and weakness, interests and talents.
  • Each child is unique.
  • Don’t set your expectations based on yourself.
  • Be clear and consistent.
  • Erase the all-or-nothing attitude.

What are good goals for a 12 year old?

Here’s my article on examples of good and bad smart goals for students.

  • Read one book not assigned by a teacher.
  • Make a first store transaction using their own money.
  • Read one chapter from a chapter book each night.
  • Sell an old set of toys to afford a new one you want.
  • Walk the dog for 20 minutes each day.

What is the goal of parenting?

The primary purpose of parenting is to raise fully functional adults who can take care of themselves and make a positive contribution to society.

What are the three parenting goals?

Parenting practices around the world share three major goals: ensuring children’s health and safety, preparing children for life as productive adults and transmitting cultural values. A high-quality parent-child relationship is critical for healthy development.