What episode does Grace Williams get kidnapped?

What episode does Grace Williams get kidnapped?

Mai Ka Wa Kahiko
Season 2. In “Mai Ka Wa Kahiko”, Grace is kidnapped by Danny’s ex-partner, Rick Peterson, who spent ten years in prison due to Danny’s testimony against him in court.

What episode of Hawaii Five O does chins niece get kidnapped?

Ka’ili aku
Ka’ili aku. Five-0 heads to Mexico where Chin risks his life to rescue his kidnapped niece.

What episode does Grace get hurt Hawaii Five O?

Ka hauli o ka mea hewa
Ka hauli o ka mea hewa ‘ole, he nalowale koke. McGarrett and the team support Danny & Rachel by determining what happened when Grace gets into a life-threating car accident; Tani helps Koa when his rehab patient goes missing.

Is teilor Grubbs in Season 9?

This is likely the reason why his daughter, Grace Williams (Teilor Grubbs), will encounter a very serious accident in “Hawaii Five-0” season 9 episode 12. Danny’s daughter and ex-wife Rachel Hollander (Claire van der Boom) will return in “Hawaii Five-0” season 9 episode 12 for an unfortunate reason.

What happened to Grace’s mom on Hawaii Five O?

Danny’s ex-wife, and Grace and Charlie’s (Zach Sulzbach) mother, Rachel (Claire van der Boom), have to stand by while Grace is in critical condition and has brain surgery in order to save her life.

What is Grace Williams real name?

Teilor GrubbsHawaii Five-0
Grace Williams/Played by

Does chin get his niece back?

On the next episode of Hawaii Five-0, Chin Ho Kelly’s (Daniel Dae Kim) niece Sara (Londyn Silzer) finally comes back into his life. And at the end of the episode, Chin makes a decision that could have devastating long-term consequences – for him, Sara, and the entire Five-0 family.

What does Ka Ili Aku mean?

You have a beautiful smile
Danny Williams: (chuckles) It means, “You have a beautiful smile”.

What happened to Grace on Hawaii Five O?

Grace Park left Hawaii Five-0 to keep her integrity Lenkov’s tweet, which implied that she left the show because she wanted to spend more time with her family. In fact, she downright denies that family reasons were the root cause of her leaving the show.

What happened to Danny’s son on Hawaii 50?

At the end of Season 5, Rachel revealed that Charlie is actually Danny’s son from when the two had an affair. She also revealed that Charlie had a serious illness. Thankfully, Danny was a match as a bone-marrow donor and saved his son’s life.

What is grace from Hawaii Five O doing now?

Additionally, in film, Grace Park appeared in Romeo Must Die, West 32nd, Adventures in Public School, Run Rabbit Run, and Freaks, as well as two short films, 2003’s Fluffy and 2012’s The First Days. Currently, she stars in ABC’s family drama, A Million Little Things.

Who played Thanos daughter in Hawaii Five O?

Born in Hawaii, Teilor began her career early in her homeland when at eight years old she booked …

Who was the girl kidnapped on Hawaii Five-0?

Five-O discovers she was expertly abducted by a woman posing as trustworthy professionals, lately as cop, but on demand, and gets shot, so she cant tell. A much younger girl, Ella Bishop, was recently kidnapped, perhaps by her for the same client.

What was the error code on Hawaii Five-0?

(Error Code: 102630) The young daughter of a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan is kidnapped, but Five-0 soon discovers that the kidnappers took the wrong girl and are negotiating with the wrong family.

Who is the biker on Hawaii Five-0?

Tip Gilbert (the biker) is the father of 6-year-old Maile Gilbert who was abducted and murdered and who the MAILE alert is named for. The fourth lock was a deadbolt on the outside. Amanda Morris: [Voice-over] Some things I can remember more than others.

Where was the kidnapped child in the capsule?

The kidnapped child is in an airtight capsule underneath the ocean and he has only a limited air supply. Written by Bill Koenig Did You Know? The kidnappers attempt to flee from McGarrett in a private plane.