What episode does Yuki and Kaname get together?

What episode does Yuki and Kaname get together?

Episode 20: The Kiss of Thorns.

Why did Yuki sacrifice herself for Kaname?

Yuki, after living for many, many years, decides to sacrifice her life to Kaname so that he may be able to live the rest of his life as a human. (Just as her mother, Juri, had done for her those many years ago).

Why is Kaname killing all the Purebloods?

To protect Yuki, Kaname kills Shizuka Hio. He promises Shizuka that he will destroy those who had twisted the fate of the Purebloods. He drinks her blood in order to gain power to protect Yuki and to accomplish his goal.

How is Yuki related to Kaname?

After being reawakened, he was raised as the son of Haruka and Juri, who are Yuuki’s parents. To summarize, Kaname is Yuuki’s ancestor, though he was raised (after being reawakened) as her brother. Yuuki was also born to be Kaname’s wife, following the Kuran tradition of pureblood siblings intermarrying.

What happens to KANAME and Yuki in Vampire Knight?

After she nearly attacks Yori due to blood-lust, she finds afterwards that she is pregnant with Kaname’s daughter and resolves to live, for him and their child. Kaname and Yuki’s love for each other remains unchanged through out Vampire Knight Memories. Kaname often express his desires to see Yuki again.

When does Kaname visit Yuki on her birthday?

Kaname would also visit Yuki each year on the anniversary of her being rescued, a day that Yuki referred to as her birthday. As a human, Yuki grew to trust and care for Kaname, and strongly believed in his kindness due to his gentleness towards her.

What happens to Yuki after Kaname bites her?

Just when he is about to bite her however, Kaname pulls back and says that he took things too far. After this, Yuki is returned to Cross Academy. Due to searching for answers about her past, Yuki begins to hallucinate and is slowly driven mad by the frightening images that she sees in these hallucinations.

Who was the vampire that saved Yuki Kurans?

Once alone, Yuki regained consciousness and was attacked by a rogue vampire but was saved by Kaname who had returned just in time. After rescuing Yuki, Kaname left her in the care of Kaien Cross, a former Vampire Hunter and long-time friend of the Kurans.