What episode of The League does Kevin get a colonoscopy?

What episode of The League does Kevin get a colonoscopy?

Bro-Lo El Cordero
Bro-Lo El Cordero. Kevin has a colonoscopy. Later, Pete suspects that his grandpa (Robert Wagner) is adulterous; and the guys ask Rafi to settle a dispute for them. Kevin has a colonoscopy.

What episode of The League is Scrote squad?

The Curse of Shiva
The Curse of Shiva. Gina Gibiatti returns and Pete has a decision to make. Ruxin enlists Rafi to protect himself during Scrote Season.

What episode of The League is Jeff Goldblum in?

Thanksgiving is family time as Ruxin gets an unexpected visit from his father (guest star Jeff Goldblum), and Andre’s sister (guest star Sarah Silverman) is on the prowl at the gang’s Thanks…

Who wins the Beach House in The League?

In the series finale, Pete wins $1 million and retires into the sunset, winning the beach house. It is also revealed that Pete, not Andre, is the father of Meegan’s child.

What episode is Rafi toilet kitchen?

The League Recap: Episode 5 – “Bobbum Man”

Who played Kevin in the league?

Stephen Rannazzisi
Stephen Rannazzisi (born July 4, 1977) is an American actor and stand-up comedian. He acted in the FXX comedy series The League as Kevin MacArthur….Filmography.

Year 2009–2015
Title The League
Role Kevin MacArthur
Notes Main role

Does Jenny win the Shiva?

And on Wednesday’s season finale of the fantasy football series, Jenny (Katie Aselton) finally had her grand romantic moment with the Shiva (The League’s fantasy football trophy). At last, a woman has won The League.

Did Kevin ever win the league?

Kevin wins in the finale of Season 3, however it was declared null by Ruxin due to collusion and lies, until Kevin agreed to give Ruxin the role of commissioner and to let him have naming rights to his newborn. Kevin has been highnotized (hypnotized under the influence of marijuana) by his brother Taco.

Is Steve rannazzisi married?

Tracy Rannazzisim. 2006
Stephen Rannazzisi/Spouse

What does Jon LaJoie do now?

Lajoie is also known for his role as Taco MacArthur on the FXX comedy series The League. Since 2016, he has released indie folk music under the moniker Wolfie’s Just Fine.