What format do I need to print at Staples?

What format do I need to print at Staples?

Staples® accepts the following file types: Microsoft® Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, PostScript, . tif, . jpg, . gif, .

How do I print a JPEG at Staples?

Step 1: Email your document to [email protected] and expect a confirmation email. Step 2: Select “Print,” then “Email” on any one of our in-store self-serve machine’s touch screens.

Do Staples print in RGB or CMYK?

All of our products are printed using a four-color (CMYK) process. We use state-of-the-art, ink-based presses, resulting in unlimited color combinations and optimum print quality.

What size are staples business cards?

3.5″ x 2″
The standard business card dimensions are 3.5″ x 2″, but that doesn’t include the “bleed area” — the margins around the edge of the card where it’s difficult to print. When you include the business card bleed area, the total layout space becomes 3.75″ x 2.25″.

Does Staples print pdfs?

By using the Staples Print app, you can print PDF documents that are stored in your Staples account, in other apps and in email messages on your iPhone, or on cloud services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Can Staples create a PDF?

Select the Staples Copy & Print Online Print Driver, named via Staples Copy & Print Online, from the Printer Name drop-down menu. Click OK to start printing. The print driver will make a PDF file and open a Staples Copy & Print Online browser window.

Can I print images at Staples?

Get photo Prints at Staples Print & Marketing. We offer same day service, premium prints on our best quality photo paper, enlargements, social prints, and panoramic photos.

What DPI does Staples use?

High Resolution – We scan your photos at a high 600 DPI resolution.

How do you print art at Staples?


  1. Navigate to > Services > Printing Services > Same Day Services > Documents and then choose “simple print” or click here.
  2. Upload your print and ensure it looks as expected.
  3. Select Letter Paper (8.5 x 11) and the needed orientation.
  4. Select the 110lb.

What format is good for business cards?

Almost all print shops accept materials in the PDF and TIFF formats. Swift Publisher allows you to save your card in both these formats, with the required quality (the standard for high quality printing is 600 dpi resolution).

Is the JEDEC module design file free to non-members?

Selected design files are only available to non-members for a fee. All design files are free for JEDEC members to download. If you do not find a particular module design configuration and/or speed grade within a recent module family, the module design may still be in-process or undergoing review.

Which is the best program to create a JEDEC file?

WinCUPL Available at, WinCUPL can be used to produce JEDEC files for most GALs. But remember that GALBlast can not program ATFs from Atmel. easyABEL An older program running under plain old DOS that allows to create a JEDEC file for all GALs that GALBlast will support.

Why do you need JEDEC type registration format?

These formats are required to obtain a JEDEC Type Registration designation as they provide the minimum data necessary for the characterization of a particular class of solid state devices upon which a type designation is assigned.

How to convert a JEDEC file to a gal file?

The JEDEC file for the PAL can be converted to a JEDEC file for a GAL by PALTOGAL.EXE. PALTOGAL 3.12. Converts a JEDEC file for PAL chips to a JEDEC file for GAL chips. The original program from 1992 was available at Lattice, but has recently been deleted from their WebSite.