What haplogroup is J2?

What haplogroup is J2?

In human genetics, Haplogroup J-M172 or J2 is a Y-chromosome haplogroup which is a subclade (branch) of haplogroup J-M304. Haplogroup J-M172 is common in modern populations in Western Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Europe, Northwestern Iran and North Africa.

What is the difference between J1 and J2 haplogroup?

Of the two main sub-groups, J1 takes up four-fifths of the total and is spread widely on the continent while J2 is more localised around the Mediterranean, Greece, Italy/Sardinia and Spain. There is also limited evidence that the subclade J1 has long been present in Central Asia.

Where did J2 haplogroup originate?

Origins. Haplogroup J2 is thought to have appeared somewhere in the Middle East towards the end of the last glaciation, between 15,000 and 22,000 years ago. The oldest known J2a samples at present were identified in remains from the Hotu Cave in northern Iran, dating from 9100-8600 BCE (Lazaridis et al.

How old is J1 haplogroup?

We show that this haplogroup evolved ~ 20,000 years ago somewhere in northwestern Iran, the Caucasus, the Armenian Highland, and northern Mesopotamia. The major branch—J1a1a1-P58—evolved during the early Holocene ~ 9500 years ago somewhere in the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, and southern Mesopotamia.

How old is haplogroup J?

31,600 years ago
Haplogroup J (Y-DNA)

Haplogroup J-M304
Coalescence age 31,600 years ago
Possible place of origin Western Asia
Ancestor IJ
Descendants J-M172, J-M267

Where did haplogroup J1 originate?

The oldest identified J1 sample to date comes from Satsurblia cave (c. 13200 BCE) in Georgia (Jones et al. (2015)), placing the origins of haplogroup J1 in all likelihood in the region around the Caucasus, Zagros, Taurus and eastern Anatolia during the Upper Paleolithic.

What haplogroup was Prophet Muhammad?

haplogroup J1-
Mohammed, Prophet, Hashemites The haplogroup J1-P58-L147. 1-L858-L859 can be observed in other members of Hashemites clan, founded by the great-grandfather of Muhammad and also within the larger paternal Quraish tribe.

Where does the J2 haplogroup come from?

Although similar to humans, most of their Y-chromosome haplogroups belong to the Middle East origins of ” J1 ” or ” J2 “, and are clearly lineages of male Jewish descendants. Became. Abraham Y chromosome of (Abraham) is haplogroup J is estimated to be (J-M304) (Note 1).

What does J2a L24 Y DNA project mean?

The J-L24-Y-DNA Project is for people whose y-dna results show them to be within any subclade of J2a (M410+) which is derived (positive) for the SNPs L24/L25. SNP= Single Nucleotide Polymorphism and is the scientific term for a type of mutation that marks the branches of the genetic tree.

What was the purpose of the J2 chromosome?

J2 may be an important Y-chromosome lineage that was part of the demic diffusion and introduction of new agricultural practices into Europe from the Middle East and Anatolia during the Neolithic period.

Where are J2a subclades found in the world?

The J2a subclade is present in the Middle East and Southcentral Asia (~4%), the latter of which includes India and Nepal. In India, there is a general trend for increased J2a frequency in higher castes. It has also been found in Crete (1-2%). This sub group has a wide distribution in the world.