What happened on the Trans-Canada Highway?

What happened on the Trans-Canada Highway?

A 48-year old Saskatchewan man was killed in a four-vehicle collision near Golden, B.C., Sunday morning. Four others were taken to hospital. Police say an eastbound vehicle was seen passing multiple vehicles near Salmon Arm on Thursday afternoon, including an unmarked police vehicle.

Can you travel to Victoria BC right now?

Welcome back, neighbours! Effective September 7, 2021, Canada will allow entry to fully vaccinated visitors for leisure travel. If you meet the entry criteria, fully vaccinated travellers do not have to quarantine upon arrival to Canada. For the latest information, please visit the Government of Canada website.

Is the Trans Canada Highway in British Columbia?

If you’ve driven in British Columbia, chances are pretty good you’ve been on the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s the primary east-west connection through our beautiful province, our main gateway to the rest of Canada, and a vital route for travel, tourism and trade.

What are the current road conditions in BC?

B.C. is currently experiencing wildfires and freshet is causing flooding. Both are affecting highway and side road travel. DriveBC is the most current source of highway conditions. Travelers are encouraged to follow @DriveBC on Twitter.

Are there any delays on the Trans-Canada Highway?

There may be substantial delays on the Golden to Alberta Border portion of the highway due to the Kicking Horse Canyon Project. Expect travel delays as we continue to upgrade the Trans-Canada Highway to a modern four-lane standard. We suggest people plan their travel in advance and be mindful of construction activities.

Where can I find updates on the Trans Canada Highway? posts weather updates and changes in road conditions to the news feed on our home page (as well as to our Social Media sites, to be more accessible when you are travelling)