What happened to Claud from The Apprentice?

What happened to Claud from The Apprentice?

Lord Alan Sugar has been forced to drop Claude Littner from The Apprentice due to a a horrific injury. Littner, 72, will not be taking part in the next series of the BBC series due to injuries sustained after falling off an electric bike back in April.

Is Claude Littner married?

Thelma Littnerm. 1976
Claude Littner/Spouse

How did Claude Littner make his money?

Littner bought into Powerleague, a five-a-side football centre operator in 2001. After leading a management buyout from 3i Group in 2003, it floated on AIM in 2006. The company was taken over in 2009 by Patron Capital. and he netted some £50m.

What does Claude Littner own?

A long-term business associate and friend of Lord Sugar, Claude has chaired a number of his companies including Amstrad International, Amstrad Spain, Dancall Telecom and Viglen. Claude was Chief Executive of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

What accident did Claude from The Apprentice have?

Claude Littner will be absent from the next series of The Apprentice while he recovers from a cycling accident. The businessman had the accident in April while riding an electric bike that injured his right leg so badly doctors considered amputating it.

What accident did Claude have?

Claude, 72, who replaced fan favourite Nick Hewer on the hit BBC show in 2015, had an accident while riding an electric bike in London back in April, with his right leg was injured so badly that doctors considered amputating, before managing to save it.

How old is Claude apprentice?

72 years (May 4, 1949)
Claude Littner/Age

Littner, 72, said he had been “pottering along” near his home in north London when the accident occurred.

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What happened to Viglen computers?

Viglen was acquired by Alan Sugar (later Lord Sugar)’s company Amstrad in June 1994. Following the sale in July 2007 of Amstrad PLC to Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB, Viglen became Sugar’s sole IT establishment.