What happened to the ball boy kicked by hazard?

What happened to the ball boy kicked by hazard?

Eden Hazard faces additional ban for kicking ballboy Charlie Morgan in League Cup semi against Swansea. Eden Hazard is facing the prospect of an additional ban for kicking a ball boy after the Football Association charged him on Friday over his red card in Chelsea’s League Cup exit at Swansea.

Is the owner of Au vodka The ball boy hazard kicked?

On the evening of January 23, 2013, Eden Hazard had butt-kicked the future owner of a British company called ‘Au Vodka’, who didn’t want the Belgian to have the ball. Just like any other story of business success, Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan had to endure some hardship before becoming a successful businessman.

When did Eden Hazard kick a ball boy?

January 23rd 2013
On January 23rd 2013 during a Capital One Cup semi-final clash between Chelsea and Swansea City, an incident involving 17-year-old ballboy Charlie Morgan became one of the most talked about sagas in modern football.

Who is Charles Morgan vodka?

Welsh close friends Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn own AU Vodka. British DJ, producer and TV presenter Charlie Sloth is also a partial owner of the company.

Who is behind AU Vodka?

Au Vodka founders Jackson Quinn and Charles Morgan describe the agreement as a “very exciting opportunity”.

What is a ball boy in football?

Ball boys and ball girls, also known as ball kids or ball persons, are individuals, usually youths, who retrieve and supply balls for players or officials in sports such as association football, American football, bandy, cricket, tennis, baseball and basketball.

Who is Charlie Morgan vodka?

What is Marcus Rashfords net worth?

According to 2021 estimates, Marcus Rashford net worth figures are around the $80 million mark. The Manchester United striker reportedly earns £200,000 per week at Old Trafford and he has built up an impressive collection of cars, including a Range Rover Velar.