What happened to Yaohan Singapore?

What happened to Yaohan Singapore?

All the stores were closed in 1997 due to the financial turmoil and the burst of the Japanese economy bubble. Then many stores were replaced by another Japanese department store chain, JUSCO (now called AEON). Yaohan is one of the listed companies in Hong Kong during 1986 to 1997.

When did Yaohan close in Singapore?

Yaohan Singapore’s last branch in Thomson Plaza closed in 1998, following the bankruptcy of its parent company in Japan — a victim of the Asian Financial Crisis which began a year earlier.

What happened to Carrefour?

Carrefour (rebranded to AEON BiG) Ltd. bought over Carrefour Malaysia and its subsidiaries for GBP147 million (RM781 million). All Carrefour hypermarkets and department stores in Malaysia were then slowly rebranded to AEON BiG.

What is the difference between AEON and Aeon Big?

Aeon Big is a subsidiary of the Aeon Group. The acquisition was part of Aeon group’s plans to expand the business in South-East Asia and further develop its Asian operations. Aeon Group encompasses over 250 companies and business entities in 12 business segments.

Who bought Carrefour?

Couche-Tard’s offer to buy Carrefour for 16.1 billion euros, equivalent to $19.66 billion, would have created the world’s third-largest grocery retailer, behind Walmart Inc. and Lidl owner Schwarz Group.

What was the previous name for Carrefour?

2008: the Champion brand becomes Carrefour Market The Group undertakes a vast store renovation programme in order to give them all the Carrefour identity. The Champion brand disappeared and was replaced by Carrefour Market.

Why did Jusco change to AEON?

The research firm noted that the rebranding exercise was part of the company’s strategy to standardise its corporate identity, which involves the introduction of a new brand name, AEON, a new tagline ‘AEON Enriching Your Lifestyle’, and AEON membership cards.

What has Jusco been renamed as?


Native name ジャスコ株式会社
Fate Renamed into ÆON JUSCO Group was renamed ÆON Group in 1989 JUSCO Co. renamed ÆON Co. in 2001 JUSCO brand officially retired 2011 in Japan and 2013 outside Japan
Successor ÆON
Area served Japan (since 1970) Malaysia (since 1984) Hong Kong (since 1987) Taiwan (2003–2008) China (since 1996)

Who is owner of Aeon Big?

Our MD/CEO, Shafie Shamsuddin, appeared… AEON CO. (M) BHD. has embarked on a…

When was the last Yaohan department store in Singapore?

Besides the Orchard flagship store, there were also Yaohan department stores at Thomson, Katong, Jurong, Bukit Timah and Jurong. It has been almost 20 years since the last Yaohan store closed in 1997. On Sunday, The Straits Times reported that some 120 former Yaohan supermart staff reunited to reminisce and mark SG50.

Who was the manager of Yaohan Supermart in Singapore?

Mr Henry Quek, who was the store manager then, is standing on the extreme right, next to Yaohan corporate manager Soicho Sato (in suit), who is also the brother-in-law of the then president of Yaohan. — PHOTO: HENRY QUEK SINGAPORE – They were simple round buns with sesame sprinkled tops and filled with red bean paste.

What was the morning assembly in Yaohan store?

Morning assembly in one of Yaohan’s stores. In its early years, Yaohan gathered all its employees for daily morning assemblies, where the national anthem and Singapore and Yaohan pledges were taken, followed by physical exercises. — PHOTO: HENRY QUEK

Why was the development of Yaohan so important?

The development of Yaohan locally signalled the rising affluence of Singaporeans, and played a critical part in the development of Singapore’s shopping and retail sector.