What happens to candidates who fail the Marine OCS?

What happens to candidates who fail the Marine OCS?

What happens if you fail Marine OCS? Depending on why, you may be simply sent home. However, if you were injured during training and cannot complete the program, you may be offered an opportunity to return depending on how fit a candidate you were before the injury.

Who is eligible for officer candidate school?

You must be a U.S. citizen and have your bachelor’s degree by the time you are commissioned as an Officer. The general age requirement is between 19 and 32. You also have to be eligible for a secret security clearance. If you’re current military, you can’t have more than six years of active service before joining OCS.

How much running do you do at Marine OCS?

While at OCS, you will be running 6 days a week. Starting and maintaining a run program prior to your attending OCS will be essential to your success. In order to ship to OCS the candidate needs to have a run time below twenty-four minutes. This is the slowest acceptable time and represents the minimum standard.

Are phones allowed at Marine OCS?

Candidates will not have access to cell phones or pay phones except on weekend liberty or for verified emergencies. Prior to being paid while at OCS, each candidate will also be required to purchase other items that they will need throughout the training cycle.

Can you go to OCS without a degree?

Army Reserve (USAR) OCS candidates do not require a BA/BS degree, but must have at least 90 semester hours toward a BA/BS. USAR Officers commissioned prior to degree completion must complete their baccalaureate degree prior to their consideration for promotion to Captain (O-3).

What is the oldest you can be to join OCS?

To attend Officer Candidate School, you must be a U.S. citizen and a college graduate, be at least 18 years of age at the time of regular Army enlistment and entered active duty or ship to training on or before your 30th birthday.

Do they shave your head at Marine OCS?

Well-Known Member. The OCR (the regs for OCS) said you can’t cut your own hair.

How does the Marine Corps Officer Candidates School work?

Officer Candidates School (United States Marine Corps) The United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates School (OCS) is a training regiment designed to screen and evaluate potential Marine Corps Officers. Those who successfully complete the period of instruction are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the United States Marines.

How does the OCS screen for officer candidates?

OCS screens potential officers using a program designed to test and assess the candidates by using the three graded categories of Academics, Leadership, and Physical Fitness. This includes evaluated events such as the leadership reaction course (LRC) and small unit leader evaluation (SULE).

What is the mission of Officer Candidates School?

The mission of Officer Candidates School (OCS) is to educate and train officer candidates in Marine Corps knowledge and skills within a controlled and challenging environment in order to evaluate and screen individuals for the leadership, moral, mental, and physical qualities required for commissioning as a Marine Corps officer.

Can you have a mustache at Officer Candidates School?

Mustaches are not authorized at Officer Candidates School. The requirement for hair regulations is to maintain uniformity within a military population. Women’s hairstyles require non-eccentric styles. Female Marines will be well groomed at all times and when in uniform will abide by the following: