What is a 401k plan summary?

What is a 401k plan summary?

The Summary Plan Description (SPD) is one of the important 401(k) plan documents that provides plan participants (and their beneficiaries) with the most important details of their benefit plan, like eligibility requirements or participation dates, benefit calculations, plan management instructions, and general member …

What is the rule of 75 at Intel?

Satisfy the requirements of the Rule of 75, which means the combined total of your age plus your years of service (both calculated in completed, whole years) is equal to or greater than the number 75.

What is one of the main perks of having a 401k plan?

A 401(k) is a type of retirement plan offered by employers. It allows you to save for retirement using pre-tax dollars from your paycheck. Frequently employers will match contributions up to a certain percentage, allowing you to save even more. Then you pay taxes when you withdrawal from the account in retirement.

What is Intel Serma?

SERMA is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement subject to IRS rules. See IRS Publication 969. You can use the SERMA credits in your account to reimburse yourself for eligible healthcare premium expenses for you, your qualified dependents and spouse/domestic partner until the balance is exhausted.

What is a plan summary?

The summary plan description is an important document that tells participants what the plan provides and how it operates. Plans also must provide a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) that accurately describes the benefits and coverage under the applicable plan.

Where is Fidelity 401k summary plan?

More information about the contributions made to the plan can be found in Section III, Contributions. The Plan Year is the twelve-month period ending on December 31. The three digit IRS number for the Plan is 002.

How does the Rule of 75 work?

The current Modified rule of 75 reads: Age and service must equal 75, and you must be a minimum of 50 years old with one exception — you qualify for retiree benefits when you have 30 years of net credited service at any age. Here’s how it maps out: You are qualified if you are: 50 years old with 25 years of service.

When can you retire from Intel?

65 years old
Age 65—Be at least 65 years old with no minimum years of service requirement (normal retirement age) 55 & 15—Be at least 55 years old and complete at least 15 years of eligible service.

What is the perk to a 401k?

You can deduct your 401(k) contributions from your tax return in the year that you make them. A 401(k) employer match can help you grow your nest egg even faster. 401(k)s offer protection from creditors, including the IRS, in some cases.

What are benefits of 401k for employees?

401(k) plans provide tax-advantaged retirement-saving With a 401(k), employees can save pre-tax dollars while they are working. By the time the savings are needed to fund their retirement, it’s anticipated that they will be in a lower tax bracket, which can generate long-term tax savings.

Does Intel rehire?

Intel’s key personnel are often home-grown, or what we call ‘lifers’, who spend 20+ years of the company typically straight out of university or college – every rehire on this list fits into this image, especially CEO Pat Gelsinger, and a number of contacts I have within the company are identical.

How do I retire from Intel?

Are you Eligible to Retire?

  1. Age 65—Be at least 65 years old with no minimum years of service requirement (normal retirement age)
  2. 55 & 15—Be at least 55 years old and complete at least 15 years of eligible service.

Which 401k investment options are best?

S&P 500 Index Fund An S&P 500 Index Fund gives you exposure to 500 of the highest performing companies in the U.S.

  • Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares (VTSAX) This 28-year-old fund gives you a low-cost opportunity for a broad interest in the entire U.S. equity market.
  • Federal Advisor Technology Fund (FADTX)
  • What is the perfect 401k plan?

    “A ‘perfect’ 401(k) plan helps ensure that workers are participating, contributing and managing investments wisely in order to adequately fund their future retirement and that workers have a strategy for saving, investing and transitioning into retirement.”

    Is 401K a good investment?

    A 401(k) is one of the best investments. It’s literally free money that piles up and earns more for you year after year. Set it up once, and you can retire earlier and live better when you do.

    What are the alternatives to a 401k?

    A Roth IRA is a good alternative to a 401(k) for those who don’t have access to one. Even if you do have a 401(k), sometimes a Roth IRA is a better option, such as in cases when an employer does not offer matching contributions, or the fund choices are expensive or limited.