What is a junior world record?

What is a junior world record?

World Junior Records are those officially ratified by World Athletics. Junior Records are restricted to athletes who do not turn 20 at any time during the calendar year in which the mark is made.

What records does France hold?


Event Record Date
100 m 9.86 (+1.3 m/s) 4 July 2015
9.86 (+1.8 m/s) 7 June 2016
150 m (straight) 14.90 (-1.0 m/s) 25 May 2013
200 m 19.80 (+0.8 m/s) 3 September 2011

What is the high school record for highjump?

Best Marks in HS-Only Competition

(if an event is not listed here, then the main record was in HS competition)
100 10.09(A) 6/02/18
High Jump 2.29 | 7-6 7/09/83
Pole Vault 5.82 | 19-1i 3/11/17
Long Jump 8.06 | 26-6 6/09/79

When was Archives Nationales established in France?

The French National Archives were created after the French Revolution; on 12 September 1790, the Constituent Assembly named it National Archives.

How fast should a 16 year old run a mile?

The average running speed per mile in a 5K (5-kilometer or 3.1-mile race) is below….Average running speed per mile in a 5K.

Age Men (minutes per mile) Women (minutes per mile)
16–19 9:34 12:09
20–24 9:30 11:44
25–29 10:03 11:42
30–34 10:09 12:29

What is a fast 400m time for high school?

Scrounging around the internet, for men, a 55 second time is high school JV level, a 51 second time is about varsity level, and around 47 seconds you’re an elite 400m high school runner.

What is the world record for the 100 yard dash?

ESPN Classic – Hayes sets 100-yard dash world record. Bob Hayes, a sturdy running back/sprinter from Florida A&M, runs 9.1 seconds in the 100-yard dash not once but twice at the AAU national track and field championships in St. Louis.

Who is the world record holder in the 10, 000 meters?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Current men’s world record holder Kenenisa Bekele celebrating his 2009 world title in the 10,000 m. The official world records in the 10,000 metres are held by Kenenisa Bekele with 26:17.53 minutes for men and Almaz Ayana from Ethiopia with 29:17.45 minutes for women.

What’s the world record for running 50 miles?

Race Distance Distance Record Source 50 Kilometers 31.1 miles 50 km 2:43:38 World Athletics, 2021 50 Miles 50 miles 80.5 km 4:50:08 DUV, 2021 100 Kilometers 62.1 miles 100 km 6:09:14 World Athletics, 2021 100 Miles 100 miles 160.9 km 11:19:13 DUV, 2021

When did women start running over 10, 000 metres?

Before the event was recognised by the IAAF as an official world record event the 3000 metres was the most common international women’s long-distance track event, although women did sometimes compete over 10,000 m before its addition to the World Championships and Olympic programme in 1987 and 1988, respectively.