What is a Kiwa Kanna?

What is a Kiwa Kanna?

A Kiwa Kanna is used to shave the inside of L-shaped corners. The blade extends until the edge on one side. Kiwa Kannas are available in pairs (sometimes). Not only does the blade have to be evenly out, the edge of the blade must align with the edge of the Dai (body).

What is the difference between a scrub plane and a jack plane?

The lucky thing is that smoothing planes are small and easier to true than any other bench plane. A scrub plane (foreground) is a smoothing plane with the heart of a roughing plane. A panel plane is just a jack plane with the guts of a smoother. It’s the size of a smoothing plane but has a setup for removing material.

What is a scrub plane used for?

A scrub plane is designed to quickly remove large quantities of wood. Based on the Stanley 40 1/2, the open throat and curved blade allow you to take deep cuts with ease. Our Scrub Plane can quickly thickness rough sawn boards or cut stock to width before following with a Jack or Smoothing Plane.

What makes a plane a jack plane?

A jack plane is a general-purpose woodworking bench plane, used for dressing timber down to size in preparation for truing and/or edge jointing. It is usually the first plane used on rough stock, but for rougher work it can be preceded by the scrub plane.

How flat should a chisel be?

remember also, if a chisel is dished as distinct from hollow, you do not have flatten it. As long as there is about 1/2′ of flatness directly behind the actual edge, all the way up to the edge, and the sides of the chisel have some flatness continuing from the edge, it will operate exactly the same as a dead flat face.

What size is a scrub plane?

A metal scrub plane is typically between 230mm (9″) and 267mm (10½”) long, and narrower than most other planes at around 38mm (1½”) wide. Wooden scrub planes tend to be a little larger – around 280mm (11″) to 305mm (12″) long and up to 50mm (2″) wide, although lengths in particular do vary.

What plane is usually set up as a scrub or fore plane?

jack plane
A jack plane (or a “fore plane”) is used for the initial rough flattening of a board. This handplane is sharpened with an extreme camber, or “arc”, and has a wide open moth, which allows for easier and faster rough removal of the wood, especially when planing across the grain. This is called “scrubbing”.