What is a moon party period?

What is a moon party period?

A period party, or First Moon party, is a celebration of the onset of menstruation. They are a great way to start to break down the stigma surrounding menstruation and instead empower our daughters to be proud of their bodies.

What is Camp gyno?

By Tim Nudd. November 26, 2014. You remember “Camp Gyno,” the 2013 viral video for tampon subscription service Hello Flo in which the first girl to get her period at summer camp becomes a tyrant, dispensing products and advice like she’s dealing drugs. The star of the ad, Macy McGrail, was a big part of its success.

What is a first moon ceremony?

Honouring a girl’s rite of passage. A secret about a momentous time of physical change, the first physical proof the girl will become a woman. It is time to end the shame and secrecy and proudly celebrate the uniqueness of being female and menstruating.

What was the first moon party?

The First Moon Party is a viral online advertisement created by the feminine care company, Hello Flo. The company sends women a monthly care package with related menstrual supplies such as tampons and other gifts and goodies, including candy.

Is First Moon Party a movie?

First Moon Party (Short 2014) – IMDb.

What does the HelloFlo period Starter Kit come with?

I ordered the HelloFlo Period Starter Kit after seeing their viral commercials andd when I learned that they partnered with Always, I couldn’t wait to see their kits. But after receiving it, I was truly disappointed. Surprise Gifts and Goodies: Mine came with 1 body lotion, 2 hair ties, 1 pack of make up wipes, 1 granola sample, and 1 candy sample

Are there any pictures in the HelloFlo get Ready Guide?

I was most disappointed in the Get Ready guides because aside from the zipper pouch, these were the only items that were created by HelloFlo and not something you can buy in a store so I thought that the real value from the $30 must be found in these pamphlets. The Get Ready Guide for Girls is ALL TEXT. No pictures, diagrams, or even a calendar.

Can you use HelloFlo pads with pantyliners?

The Always Infinity pads are excellent and you can’t go wrong pairing them with Always pantyliners, however these two are items that can be purchased from a store for much less. The HelloFlo canvas pouch is really handy and can fit multiple pads, pantyliners, and even tampons too.

What can you put in the HelloFlo canvas pouch?

The HelloFlo canvas pouch is really handy and can fit multiple pads, pantyliners, and even tampons too. I love that it’s a muted color and small so its discreet when you pull it out of your backpack to bring to the bathroom.