What is a plural of cactus?

What is a plural of cactus?

plural cacti\ ˈkak-​ˌtī , -​(ˌ)tē \ or cactuses also cactus.

Is it correct to say cacti or cactuses?

But the “cactus” question is a prickly one. Dictionaries differ on which plural they prefer, though they list both. Webster’s New World College Dictionary likes “cactuses,” while American Heritage and Merriam-Webster go with “cacti.” Therefore either is correct. (M-W says “cactus” is also an acceptable plural.)

What do you call a group of cactus?

Cacti is the Latin plural of cactus, and some writers use it in English. Cactuses is the English plural. Dictionaries list both, and neither is right or wrong. Also, like many names of plants, the uninflected cactus is sometimes treated as plural.

Why do they call cactus is cacti?

The word “cactus” derives, through Latin, from the Ancient Greek κάκτος, kaktos, a name originally used by Theophrastus for a spiny plant whose identity is now not certain. Cacti occur in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Most cacti live in habitats subject to at least some drought.

How do you use cacti in a sentence?

The Cactus House has a wide variety of cacti and succulents. And the group declared two Mexican cacti officially extinct in the wild. Some stalls also sell little cacti growing in little pots. Cacti occur in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

What do you call a small cactus?

The star cactus (also called sea urchin cactus or starfish cactus) is a small plant, making it ideal for an indoor succulent garden. A yellow or white bloom is the show-stopper on this petite cactus. Feather Cactus.

Which is the correct spelling cactus or cacti?

The Plural of Cactus. The plural of cactus is cacti or cactuses . Most cacti live in habitats subject to at least some drought. The great majority of cactuses have no visible leaves. The noun cactus has a Latin root, which is the derivation of the plural cacti.

Which is the plural form of the word diagnosis?

What is the plural of diagnosis? diagnosis. Answer. The noun diagnosis can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be diagnosis . However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be diagnoses e.g. in reference to various types of diagnoses or a collection of diagnoses.

Can a cacti be substituted for a cactus?

In the sentences above, cactuses can be substituted for cacti without changing the meaning. The singular cactus can itself be used as a plural noun, though it is still not as common as cacti. Cactus is originally a Greek word, and it came to English through Latin.

How did the cactus plant get its name?

The most common cactus that people think of are the saguaro cactus of the southwestern United States. It wouldn’t be until 1769 that the plant we know as a cactus would get their name. Linnaeus gave the name cactus to the spiky plants he found in America, thinking that it resembled the Spanish cardoon/artichoke thistle.