What is a USB vendor ID?

What is a USB vendor ID?

USB vendor IDs (VID) and product IDs (PID) are 16-bit numbers used to identify USB devices to a computer or other host. Each vendor ID is assigned by the USB Implementers Forum to a specific company, which in turn assign a PID to individual products.

What is a vendor ID number?

Alternatively referred to as a VID, a vendor ID is a unique number assigned to each piece of computer hardware. The vendor ID helps a computer identify the hardware being installed in the computer. Most vendor IDs start with 0x, like 0x9710 or 9710.

How do I get a vendor ID number?

The IRS offers an online service where you can apply for an EIN and have it issued immediately (see Resources). The companies you do business with will issue you a vendor number that’s often your EIN with a few extra digits tacked on.

What is the ID pin in USB?

With the ID pin at ground (GND), the OTG product functions as a USB host and provides VBUS to the attached USB peripheral. The plug’s ID pin is either grounded or left unconnected to select either host or peripheral functionality.

What is a vendor ID for a business?

Vendor Identification Number means the unique number which is assigned to each vendor in order to establish a recordkeeping and tracking system for regional centers’ billing purposes; Sample 1.

How to get USB vendor ID and Product ID?

How to get the USB Vendor and Product ID with Windows Device Manager: Make a right click onto ‘This PC’ and select ‘Manage’. In the ‘Computer Management’ select ‘Device Manager’. Expand ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ and make a double click onto your USB device.

Who are the USB vendors in device Hunt?

Here are all of Device Hunt’s USB vendor id’s listed alphabetically. If you can’t find a particular vendor please get in touch and I can add it to the database for you.??? ABILITY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Alcatel (?) ALEREON, INC. Allied Telesis KK. ALLTOP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. ALPINE ELECTRONICS, INC.

Where do I Find my USB hardware ID?

Select ‘Details’ tab and select ‘Hardware IDs’. The red marked numbers in the screenshot are the USB Vendor and Product ID.

What is the vendor ID for Kingston Technology?

Vendor Devices. Type. USB. Vendor ID. 0951. Vendor Name. Kingston Technology. Device ID. 16e4.