What is an InfoCube in SAP BW?

What is an InfoCube in SAP BW?

An InfoCube is a type of InfoProvider. It describes a closed data set (from an analysis point of view) a self-contained dataset, for example, a business-orientated area. The data in an InfoCube is stored either physically, in BW Accelerator or in . The InfoCube receives the data by means of a data transfer process.

What is InfoCube in SAP APO?

In SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization, each data mart contains InfoCubes which stores actual data and older planning data. An administrative workbench is used to set up the data mart and to load the data in InfoCubes from a source system. APO Workbench can also be used to load the data into BW system from APO.

What are SAP BW extractors?

An extractor is the program in SAP ERP which can be activated to prepare and capture the data through an extract structure for transfer to BW. The extractor can be the result of a standard DataSource or a custom built DataSource. It can describe a full load or a delta load process of different types.

What are SAP BW routines?

You use routines to define complex transformation rules. Routines are local ABAP classes that consist of a predefined definition area and an implementation area. The TYPES for the inbound and outbound parameters and the signature of the routine (ABAP method) are stored in the definition area.

What is difference between DSO and InfoCube?

The main difference between the DSO Object and the PSA and InfoCube is that the DSO Object allows existing data to be changed. Whereas an InfoCube principally allows inserts, and only allows deletion on the basis of requests, data in an DSO Object can be changed during the staging process.

What is real-time InfoCube?

Real-time InfoCubes differ from standard InfoCubes in their ability to support parallel write accesses. Standard InfoCubes are technically optimized for read accesses to the detriment of write accesses. Use. Real-time InfoCubes are used when plan data is entered during BW integrated planning.

What do you need to know about SAP BW-infocube?

SAP BW – InfoCube. An InfoCube is defined as a multidimensional dataset which is used for analysis in a BEx query. An InfoCube consists of a set of relational tables which are logically joined to implement the star schema.

What are the different types of SAP BW extractors?

SAP BW Extractors are used to extract Data for Data sources such as ECC System … Let’s first define what’s SAP BW Extractors. Then let’s talk about the different types (Content , Customer-Generated and Generic Extractors).

What is an infocube and what does it do?

Infocube is data storage area in which we maintain data which we are extracting from source system physically. An InfoCube can function as both a data target and an InfoProvider.

How to create a SAP BW extrator based on an Infoset?

Test your Extractor using RSA3. Find here more detail on how to create a SAP BW Extrator based on Infoset. First, create the function module to extract the requested data through SE80. Then Create the Generic datasource in RSO2 and give it the function module name. The next step is to Generate the Datasource with SAP BW tcode RSA6.