What is Audi auxiliary heating?

What is Audi auxiliary heating?

The auxiliary heating and ventilation systems heat and cool the interior independently of the engine. The auxiliary heating system can be used both when the vehicle is stationary and when driving (to provide extra heat while the engine is warming up). The auxiliary ventilation. also operates independently of the engine …

What is Audi supplementary heater?

Audi A4 / Audi A4 Owner’s Manual / Controls / Heating and cooling / Deluxe automatic air conditioner-basic settings / Supplementary heater. – Set the Supplementary heater to auto or off. Models with a diesel engine are equipped with a supplementary heater to help warm up the interior more quickly.

What is Audi auxiliary air conditioning?

The comfort auxiliary air conditioning allows to set a desired temperature before departure or activates the seat heating or ventilation – both using the myAudi app or directly via the Audi MMI.

What is an Audi OEM parking heater?

AudiWorld Member. The Standheizung, or Parking Heater as we call it, is a separate unit that is fitted behind the front bumper. It is connected into the coolant circuit in-line with the climate control, has a fuel line run from the tank, and is wired into the convenience CAN.

What is auxiliary heating?

Basically, auxiliary heat uses electric resistance heating to heat your home. Since electric resistance heating is much less efficient than your heat pump, you only want it to be on when necessary. To recap, auxiliary, or emergency heat should only be on when the outside temperature is below freezing.

What is car auxiliary heating?

Vehicles are generally heated by waste heat from the internal combustion engine. Auxiliary heaters provide supplementary heating for the passenger compartment of cars without having to rely on the heat given off by the engine.

What is a supplementary heater?

It is installed downstream of the heat exchanger and provides additional heating of the vehicle interior after cold-starting the engine. The electrical auxiliary air heater directly heats the air which enters the vehicle interior.

What is auxiliary air conditioning in a car?

Abstract: An auxiliary air conditioning system is provided for vehicles having a primary air conditioning system. The separated auxiliary air conditioning components are positioned on or inside the vehicle so as not to affect the vehicle aerodynamics and vehicle height.

What is auxiliary ventilation?

A method of supplementing the main ventilating current in a mine by using a small fan to draw air from the main current and force it through canvas or metal pipe to some particular place, such as the ends of drifts, crosscuts, raises, entries, or other workings driven in a mine.

What is a parking heater?

The parking heater heats the passenger compartment as necessary before driving if the car’s preconditioning is activated. The parking heater is one of two subfunctions of the car’s heater. The heater is fitted inside the engine compartment.

Can my car take E10?

The government suggests that putting E10 petrol in a non-compatible car on a one-time basis should not result in your car’s engine being damaged as a result. That said, it recommends avoiding prolonged use of E10 petrol in a non-compatible car as this can result in long term harm to the engine.

Is auxiliary heat more expensive?

Auxiliary heat can handle more extreme temperatures since it uses electric heat strips. What this means, unfortunately, is that it’s more expensive than the conventional heat provided by a heat pump. While a gas furnace is not as efficient as a heat pump, it is more efficient than a heat pump using auxiliary heat.

How does the auxiliary heating system in an Audi work?

The auxiliary heating works in conjunction with the air conditioner system, but does not rely on heat from the engine. Instead of this, the system burns fuel. The system’s main function is to warm up the interior of the vehicle and to defrost the windows in cold weather.

How does auxiliary ventilation work in a car?

The auxiliary ventilation also operates independently of the engine. This feature can be used to cool the interior with the blower when the vehicle is left parked in the sun.

When does the auxiliary heating switch itself off?

The auxiliary heating/ventilation will switch itself off at the end of the programmed running time. The running time can be set to 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. • The auxiliary heating must not be allowed to run when the vehicle is in a confined space because it can give off toxic fumes.

What should the running time be on an Audi?

However you must first activate the timer before the auxiliary heating/ventilation system will switch on automatically. The auxiliary heating/ventilation will switch itself off at the end of the programmed running time. The running time can be set to 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.