What is Autostar Suite?

What is Autostar Suite?

An AutoStar Suite Software CD-ROM is included as standard equipment with each LXD-75, LX90, and LX200 telescope. This software package integrates the telescope with a Windows-based PC or laptop computer for an enhanced range of performance features.

How do I update my Meade Autostar controller?

To download and install the new firmware, run the AutoStar Updater (ASU. EXE) version 5.9 or higher and follow the instructions. If you have an older version of the Updater, click here to download the latest version. #497EP AutoStar hand controller software update.

How do I connect to autostar?

Connect the Autostar coil cord between the HBX port (4, Fig. 1) on the telescope computer control panel and the coil cord connector port on Autostar. 5. Apply power to the telescope and computer, then complete basic Autostar initialization as detailed in the telescope’s instruction manual.

How do I connect my LX200 to my computer?

The easy way to make an LX200-computer cable is to buy a cable with an 6-pin modular plug on one end and another cable with the proper connector (DB-9 or whathever) on one end. Then cut both wires in the middle and just solder the wires together.

How do I reset my autostar remote?

Turn on the computer control panel power switch of the Meade telescope. Locate the “Set Up” menu and find the “Reset” option. Select the reset option and being the initializing process by entering information required by Autostar to reset the system.

Is the Autostar suite software protected by copyright?

This document and the Autostar Suite software described herein, are copyrighted and are protected from reproduction, proliferation, and disclosure under the Copyright laws of the United States of America. Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Meade Instruments, Inc.

What was the purpose of the Autostar suite?

Autostar Suite was designed to be extremely powerful and accurate. Many programs designed for the PC have taken shortcuts to appear faster, but at the expense of accuracy!

How many catalogs can I edit in Autostar suite?

Autostar Suite allows up to 8 custom catalogs and on minor planet/cometary catalog to be used in any starmap. To change edit the custom catalog, you can simply type the name of the catalog or you can use the browse button to navigate around your system to locate a desired catalog.

What’s the latest version of the Autostar software?

Click to download Autostar Updater 5.9.3. NEW LIGHTSWITCH FIRMWARE VERSION 1.6a NOW AVAILABLE. This update includes improved selection criteria of the alignment stars, camera assisted high-precision pointing, and several bug fixes.