What is cost of CBT Nuggets?

What is cost of CBT Nuggets?

CBT Nuggets Pricing

Name Price
Individual – Monthly $59.001 user/month
Individual – Annually $599.001 user/year
Team Accounts Request Quote2 or more users

How to get MCSE certificate?

In order to be eligible for Microsoft MCSE certification, learners must first earn an Associate-level (MCSA) certification. After earning a prerequisite certification, learners must take one additional exam to earn an MCSE certification.

How do I study for MCSE?

One must understand that one need to prepare for the MCSE Certification Exams very systematically.

  1. Set Yourself a Goal (or Target)
  2. Finding the Objectives of Exam.
  3. Course Material.
  4. Review Time.
  5. The Importance of Coach.
  6. Gather Information and update Yourself.
  7. Real Time Practice.
  8. Correct Material and Online Services.

How much does a MCSE make per year?

Microsoft MCSE Salary

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $144,500 $2,778
75th Percentile $120,000 $2,307
Average $98,085 $1,886
25th Percentile $70,000 $1,346

How long does it take to study for MCSE?

An MCSA or MCSE live classroom course can take between three and seven days, or you can take an MOC online course on your own time. Depending on the number of exams you need to take to finally earn your MCSE, you can expect to spend anywhere between a week and several months taking prep courses.

What exams are needed for MCSE?

The MCSE certification exam requires you to pass total five courses. After successful completion of first three steps, you will get MCSA certification (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate/Windows Server 2012 certification). And, after completing next two steps, you will earn the MCSE certification.