What is George Groves doing now?

What is George Groves doing now?

Now, with his gloves firmly hung up, Groves is enjoying being on the other side of the fence in his role on several media platforms. Making appearances on Sky Sports, talkSPORT, and others, the Hammersmith man is a regular on the scene for fans to enjoy.

Are Groves and Froch friends?

Groves began in the clip: “Me and Carl are best of friends now and we are going on tour. “So he’s here with me now – look, here’s Carl.” At this point he span the camera to include a silent, menacing Froch. Groves continued: “We’re really excited.

Who won Froch and Groves?

Froch won the fight by knockout in the eighth round, which was named the Knockout of the Year by The Ring magazine. The event drew a then-record attendance figure of 80,000 and grossed over £22 million, and was named the Event of the Year by The Ring.

How rich is George Groves?

British Pro boxer George Groves net worth is estimated at £15,000,000. With the majority coming from being an active World Champion and TV regular pundit….George Groves Net Worth.

Year Amount
Net Worth 2018 £13,000,000

Who is Carl Froch wife?

Rachael Froch
His wife Rachael Froch with whom he married in May 2019, is a British glamour model, with whom he has a son, Rocco, and a daughter, Natalia.

Did George Groves beat Carl Froch?

Carl Froch, the defending unified WBA (Regular) and IBF super-middleweight champion, defeated George Groves via technical knockout in the ninth round, although the ending was mired in controversy.

What weight is George Groves?

George Groves (boxer)

George Groves
Weight(s) Super-middleweight
Height 5 ft 111⁄2 in (182 cm)
Reach 74 in (188 cm)
Nationality British