What is mean by drawn in Urdu?

What is mean by drawn in Urdu?

Verb. Cause to move by pulling. Draw a wagon. Pull a sled. دھکا لگانا

What does being drawn in mean?

transitive ​often passiveto involve someone in a conversation or situation, often when they do not want to be involved. We do not want to get drawn into a long and expensive conflict. Synonyms and related words.

How do you use drawn in a sentence?

Drawn Sentence Examples

  1. Her attention was drawn to the little filly.
  2. His face was drawn and pale, his eyes wild.
  3. I refused to be drawn into the discussion.
  4. I could see a man and a boy some distance away, pitching hay into a horse drawn wagon.
  5. You’ve already drawn six pints?

What does drawing me in mean?

If you draw someone in or draw them into something you are involved with, you cause them to become involved with it. It won’t be easy for you to draw him in. See full dictionary entry for draw.

What does drawn to someone mean?

idiom. to be drawn to someone: to be attracted to someone. idiom. to draw (someone’s attention): to attract (someone’s attention) verb.

What does feeling drawn mean?

It means to feel attracted to something or to have your attention move towards something. For example: “I was drawn towards the light across the bay.” “I was drawn to the quiet corner of the room.”

What is it called when you are drawn to someone?

Or become instantly drawn to another person without being that into them physically? If so, you’ve likely experienced the pull of emotional attraction — being captivated by someone’s heart, mind, or humor instead of their physical appeal.

How do you use the word drawn?

(1) He found himself drawn, willy-nilly, into the argument. (2) Tom felt himself being drawn towards her vibrant personality. (3) The ordeal left her looking pale and drawn. (4) Both sides were drawn, willy-nilly, into the conflict.

How do you use drawn?

to be drawn is simply the passive form of to draw meaning to pull or to attract. Active: John drew the phone towards him. Passive: The phone was drawn towards John (by John). If you are drawn to someone, it means they have a quality that draws (pulls/attracts) you to them.

What’s a word for something that draws you in?

Some common synonyms of attract are allure, captivate, charm, enchant, and fascinate.

Has Drew or had drawn?

(“Drew” is the correct past tense, and “drawn” is the past participle.)