What is MICROS 9700?

What is MICROS 9700?

The MICROS 9700 HMS is the company’s newest point- of-sale system for the leisure and entertainment industry (hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, stadiums, arenas, themeparks, airports, and cruises), designed to integrate all functions of both front-end and back-office restaurant service and retail revenue centers.

Is Micros a POS system?

Oracle MICROS provides stable, reliable, and secure point of sale (POS) systems for restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, arenas, cruise ships, transportation hubs, and retail stores around the globe.

What are micros worth?

Micros is going for $4.6 billion, net of its cash, while Sun cost Oracle $7.4 billion, or $5.6 billion net excluding its cash and debt.

What is MICROS in front office?

MICROS provides property management systems, central reservations and customer information solutions under the brand MICROS-Fidelio for more than 10,000 hotels worldwide. MICROS’s stock is traded through NASDAQ under the symbol MCRS.

What are MICROS used for?

MICROS Systems’ software and hardware is used in the restaurant industry and primarily includes touchscreen computers for the serving staff to place orders, which are then sent to kitchen and bar printers for preparation.

How much is a Micros system?

The costs for the MICROS POS system are quote-based for hardware and software. The platform charges a monthly subscription fee and an upfront licensing fee, which starts at around $5,000.

What does Micros stand for?

Modular Integrated Cash Register Operating Systems
was headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. The name Micros is an acronym for Modular Integrated Cash Register Operating Systems.

What are Micros used for?

How MICROS are useful to us?

Answer: Macros can make tasks less repetitive by representing a complicated sequence of keystrokes, mouse movements, commands, or other types of input. After being defined like this, our macro is used in the code body to find the square of a number.

What are MICROS in food?

Micros include vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, and antioxidants that are found in natural food sources—most commonly fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy, nuts, poultry, and lean meats.

What POS system does Cheesecake Factory use?

Today POSitouch is the go-to POS system for over 40,000 restaurants in the U.S., South America, Asia, and Europe–including Cheesecake Factory, which has 210 locations across the U.S. However, POSitouch also offers solutions for small businesses, making it one of the more flexible restaurant POS systems on the market.