What is nVision software?

What is nVision software?

nVision by axence is an on-premise IT infrastructure management solution that helps businesses in monitoring network devices, checking server performance and controlling the environment of the server room. nVision helps users create network maps by scanning the network, discovering devices and listing TCP/IP services.

Is SpO2 the same as pulse ox?

The term SpO2 means the SaO2 measurement determined by pulse oximetry. As explained in the section “Considerations When Using Pulse Oximetry,” under some circumstances pulse oximetry gives different readings, and the use of a different term indicates this.

Can you take pulse ox manually?

You can manually begin a pulse oximeter reading by viewing the pulse oximeter widget. The accuracy of the pulse oximeter reading can vary based on your blood flow, the device placement on your wrist, and your stillness.

How do I create a nVision report in PeopleSoft?

Select nVision, Report Request from the nVision toolbar. The PeopleSoft nVision Report Request dialog box appears. Enter the required values for the new report request, and click the Save button. Click the Run button to generate the report instance.

What should my Sp02 be?

Pristas: If you’re using a pulse oximeter to measure your blood oxygen level, a normal reading is a Sp02 level that’s between 95 and 100 percent.

What is the difference between oximeter and pulse oximeter?

Pulse oximetry provides instantaneous, in vivo determination of oxygen saturation by measuring arterial blood light absorption at two specific wavelengths, 660 nm (red) and 940 nm (infrared), to distinguish between deoxygenated and oxygenated haemoglobin, whereas co-oximetry uses at least four different wavelengths of …

How do I create a nVision report?

Creating a PS/nVision report is a three-step process:

  1. Define a report layout that specifies the ledgers, criteria, or queries to use for the report and how to format the report.
  2. Create a report request, specifying the layout and runtime options for the report.

What does Nvision do for a Nonin pulse oximeter?

Nonin’s nVISION ®software provides a convenient user interface for capturing, editing, storing, analyzing, and printing patient data from many Nonin pulse oximeters. nVISION enables users of Nonin pulse oximeters to capture (download) patient data during memory playback

What do you need to know about Nvision software?

nVISION software provides easy viewing, professional analysis, report generation, and patient file storage for pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO 2), end-tidal CO 2 (EtCO 2), and respiration rate data.

What is Nvision 6.5 data management software for oximetry?

FDA Approved software! nVISION® data management software is a powerful, easy-to-use oximetry data analysis tool designed to increase productivity and decrease administrative costs. NEW! nVISION® 6.5 has Expanded Utility for Sleep Screening, Six Minute Walk Testing and Now Capnography MonitoringNew nVISION 6.5 enhancements include:

Which is the best software for pulse oximetry?

Nonin’s innovation in pulse oximetry has led to the development of an easy to use software solution — nVISION. Designed to provide effortless viewing, professional analysis, report generation and reliable data storage — the powerful nVISION software package is a cost-effective solution for basic oximetry screening, capnography and 6MWT reporting.